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Chiva-Som welcomes Zulal Wellness Resort in Qatar

One holistic approach applied across two indigenous wellness foundations.

A pioneer in global wellness, Chiva-Som International Health Resort, is highly regarded for its world-class facilities and wellness team’s unparalleled skill and depth of knowledge. Chiva-Som’s expansion, with the arrival of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som in Qatar, early next year, will mark the first management undertaking by the wellness leader since opening in Hua Hin in 1995 and will reflect the core philosophies that have ensured its reputation as a wellness pioneer.

Drawing on Chiva-Som’s years of expertise and knowledge, Zulal Wellness Resort will offer a holistic approach to health and wellness, whilst honouring wellbeing principles that are rooted in Arabic healing traditions. Zulal Wellness Resort will be the first hub for Traditional Arabic and Islamic Medicine (TAIM), a 360-degree approach to healing sourced from Islamic medicinal historians and herbalists, and mind-body therapy.

Aiming to broaden accessibility to its unique wellness philosophies to all age groups, Zulal Wellness Resort will encompass a bespoke Zulal Discovery family resort which anticipates the needs of the modern family. An innovative and expertly tailored range of fun, interactive age-appropriate activities will encourage younger guests to engage with and explore good lifestyle habits, giving them the best possible wellness foundations on which to build. Facilities such as family activity zones and curated bonding activities aim to foster stronger connections between families and promote shared experiences. Zulal Wellness Resort will also cater for individuals and couples seeking to indulge in Chiva-Som’s world-class wellness programmes and state-of-the-art international treatments with an adjacent adults-only wellness resort, Zulal Serenity.

Staying true to Chiva-Som’s belief that personal wellness needs to go hand-in-hand with the health of the planet, Zulal Wellness Resort will operate sustainably and adhere to environmentally conscious practices. The resort was recently award LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certification. As a globally recognised symbol of conservational achievement and leadership, the certification embodies the resort’s social responsibility commitment towards sustainability in Qatar. The use of single-use plastic and non-biodegradable products is strictly limited, and the resort draws on home-grown or locally sourced produce. Energy conservation technologies and waste-water treatment are also in place. As the environmental preservation steward of Krailart Niwate, the last remaining mangrove ecosystem in Hua Hin, Thailand, Chiva-Som has been responsible for planting over 5,000 trees in the past decade.  As part of its dedication to the preservation and afforestation of these mangrove environments, Zulal Wellness Resort will utilise salt-tolerant and local plants such as the Avicennia Marina, one of the largest and oldest mangrove species, and engage with the local community to raise awareness of these unique ecosystems. Guests at Zulal Wellness Resort will be encouraged to visit the resort’s beach-front walkway and Mangrove Education Centre, a major environmental conservation project to promote scientific understanding and appreciation of nature.

Chairman and CEO of Chiva-Som, Mr. Krip Rojanastien, said “Over the past 25 years we have witnessed a rapid and continuous evolution in wellness and lifestyle habits, seen health trends come and go, and experienced a sea change in the way people travel for their health and wellness. We are excited to have developed a new offering with Zulal Wellness Resort, whilst remaining committed to our principles of delivering holistic, sustainable wellness programmes which provide lasting transformation of mind, body and spirit. The ability to serve families in particular offers guests great flexibility, and we hope it will inspire wellness for a new generation.”

Daniele Vastolo, General Manager of Zulal Wellness Resort by Chiva-Som, said “We are excited to carry the renowned Chiva-Som wellness DNA and expertise to the Middle East, whilst still showcasing true Qatari culture. We have worked closely with Chiva-Som on all aspects of Zulal Wellness Resort, from the wellness-inspired and harmonious design to offering enhanced levels of personal service to ensure we enrich our guest’s overall wellness experience.”