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HKS reveals architectural design for h.Club LA, first international extension of London’s Hospital Club

Due to open in early 2018 with a location perfectly suited for its A-list members, h.Club LA is positioned at the heartbeat of Los Angeles.

HKS has been appointed architect for h.Club LA, the first international extension of London’s acclaimed Hospital Club established in 2004 by philanthropist and entrepreneur Paul G. Allen as a private “club for creatives”.

Location, Location, Location
Due to open in early 2018 with a location perfectly suited for its A-list members, h.Club LA is positioned at the heartbeat of Los Angeles: the legendary crossroads of “Hollywood” and “Vine” next to the headquarters of Capitol Records. HKS has worked closely with the interior designer of London’s Hospital Club, Russell Sage, to create a unique, understated concept that converts the city’s celebrated Redbury Hotel into a place where creativity and freedom of expression can be nurtured through local and global art forms. Guided by the same philosophy of “connect, create and collaborate” as the London venue, the vision for h.Club LA is to be a home-away-from-home, comfortable and cosy whilst also an energetic hub for the vibrant social life of the Hollywood community and their international friends.

“We looked at several properties in the area,” says Luciano Mazza, Director of Hospitality, Architecture, for HKS’ London studio, “but as soon as we walked into the Redbury. we immediately realized the great potential of the building. Our mission became to take one icon and transform it into another, but with a new, quite different feel.”

Reinventing an Icon
HKS’ redesign of the five-storey hotel originally built in 2010 addresses two primary challenges, the first being the need to incorporate the hallmark h.Club amenities and public spaces within a building footprint initially intended to hold guestrooms.

“Creativity is at the core of the club’s concept,” explains Luciano, “so we, as architects, had to push our ingenuity to the limit and look at constraints as opportunities to design unexpected and original solutions.”

Generosity of space has been central to the architectural intervention. HKS has substantially altered the second and fifth floors to integrate numerous additional offerings including a stunning new roof terrace that significantly increases the club’s useable area. An innovative highlight of the redesign is the introduction of a “green” pedestrian bridge which eases guest circulation by linking the two wings of the club – a practical solution that will become an iconic feature immediately recognizable from the street. The configuration of levels three and four remains intact but sporting new interiors, with the property’s overall room count reduced from 57 to 36 suites to strengthen the sense of indulgence and calm.

Journey of Discovery
HKS second key challenge was to maintain a harmonious overall identity for the building while designing unique, individual experiences on every storey and in every room.

Luciano elaborates, “We wanted to create a journey of discovery for the members through the different floors, an immersion that culminates on the rooftop with the unexpected desert garden inspired by the English landscapes of filmmaker Derek Jarman.”

Each level has been conceived with a distinct narrative, and every corner interpreted with a bespoke approach, resulting in an engaging and dynamic atmosphere in which multiple sensations are interwoven via an architectural backdrop that elevates members’ experiences.

The club will be a truly remarkable space where social events, art displays and fine dining will merge into the new place to see and be seen in Los Angeles. Its numerous features include exceptional health and wellness facilities, three different dining areas, an outdoor pool deck, a relaxing tearoom, stylish bars, creative co-working spaces, a music studio, a screening room and a live performance space for members and guests to enjoy.

“It is truly exciting to be part of the team launching h.Club LA. We are not only anticipating the trends, but creating them,” says Luciano. “As an architect, it is particularly rewarding to develop designs which aim to inspire other creatives, spaces where a synergy between minds, spirits and imaginations can flourish and lead to new ways of perceiving our world.”

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