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HomeToGo expands focus to include mid-term rental market

With booking volume exceeding $50 million in 2018, and more than 2 million mid-term rentals, HomeToGo sees opportunity in mid-term market.

BERLIN  – HomeToGo is expanding its focus to include more mid-term rental offers. The expansion is backed by internal statistics revealing that there are already over 2 million mid-term rental offers from more than 130 providers available on HomeToGo. Additionally, in 2018, HomeToGo generated over $50 million dollars in booking volume from its mid-term offerings.

Dr. Patrick Andrae, CEO and Co-founder of HomeToGo, said in a statement, “Looking at the mid-term rental offers already available on HomeToGo, and the booking volume generated, I strongly believe that HomeToGo is the largest search engine not only for short term vacation rentals, but also for mid-term rentals. The fact that more and more city-centric inventory has shifted from short-term to mid-term rentals underlines the necessity to take this sector seriously. Until now, we have not been actively marketing this vertical. Now is the time to invest further into marketing in this accommodation type.”

A mid-term rental is defined as any rental that accommodates stays of 28 days or more. For the last five years, HomeToGo’s core focus has been on short-term accommodations. By integrating new partners and providers every month, HomeToGo now has more than 2 million accommodation offers that provide the possibility for mid-term stays. With more than 2 million mid-term accommodations, HomeToGo has almost four times more inventory than competitors that specialize solely in mid-term accommodation. “We see a tremendous demand for mid-term rentals from our existing user base throughout all HomeToGo domains,” noted Dr. Andrae.

With over 2 million mid-term accommodations on offer, HomeToGo already covers a huge section of the mid-term demand with existing inventory. The company plans to extend its focus on this sector by integrating more specialized partners to provide all users with the accommodation that best fits their needs – no matter the length of their trip.

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