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Ibis Bridgwater and Zeal Hotels pledges enthusiastic support for Agratas and Gravity Project

ibis Bridgwater

This landmark initiative is set to not only benefit Bridgwater but also create promising avenues for diversification and long-term opportunities.

Taking a significant step forward for the local community and business scene, ibis Bridgwater, owned by Zeal Hotels, declare its enthusiastic support for the positive developments surrounding Agratas and the innovative Gravity Smart Campus project.

Just a mile from the Gravity site and equipped with EV charging points and the on-site restaurant, Keepers Kitchen and Bar, ibis Bridgwater strategically positions itself to actively contribute to and support this pioneering innovation and enterprise campus. We eagerly anticipate welcoming those visiting Gravity, including individuals associated with the groundbreaking efforts of Agratas, and offering them an enriching experience at our establishment.

“We are excited to be part of this transformative moment for Bridgwater,” said Jonathan Bowen, Cluster General Manager at Cycas Hospitality. “The Gravity project aligns with our commitment to supporting initiatives that uplift the local community and create a positive impact on the business environment.”

Gravity Smart Campus is widely considered a game-changer for Bridgwater, the South-west, and the UK, and is expected to bring about economic opportunities, including job creation, infrastructure development and increased tourism. Recognising the potential this holds for the region, Zeal Hotels is ready to adapt and diversify its hotel services to meet the evolving needs of the community and businesses that will emerge due to this development.

“We believe the potential of Gravity to be a catalyst for business growth in Bridgwater,” commented Tim Wheeldon, Managing Director at Zeal Hotels.“Our hotel and restaurant are ready to adapt and cater to the changing dynamics. We look forward to welcoming and creating long lasting partnerships with Agratas and other businesses connected to the project, and to be part of this legacy for Bridgwater”.

As Bridgwater enters this exciting growth phase, ibis Bridgwater and Zeal Hotels are poised to play a crucial role in supporting the community, businesses, and visitors. The collaboration illustrates a shared vision for a thriving and prosperous Bridgwater.

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