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Medotels Hotels&Resorts 1st GSA Summit – Dubai 2001

Medotels<.> Hotels & Resorts 1st ever General Sales Agents Summit was recently held in Dubai…

Medotels<.> Hotels & Resorts 1st ever General Sales Agents Summit was recently held in Dubai. With more than 45 participants gathering from different countries around the world, this meeting has inaugurated a new policy for the company where identical meetings are to take place on an annual basis in different locations around the world.

This meeting gave the opportunity to all the company`s GSA`s to introduce themselves to each other, discuss similar matters, find solutions and ways to better co-operate as well as answer several questions regarding the company`s future operational plans.

Along with General Sales Agents, major hotel chains have also attended such as Safir International Hotel Management and Mamidakis Group of hotels. Significant presentations and speeches were also given by the most important booking engines collaborating with Medotels Hotels & Resorts.

Starting with Hot-Key International`s Mr. Brendon Weir, followed by Bookings On-Line Mr. Bas Lemmens and Mr. Andy Cook for MIC-TDS, whose presentations were an asset for all the attendants to better comprehend the whole system operation and answer any questions they may have had. The event was hosted by Planet Travel & Tours, General Sales Agent for Medotels in Dubai – United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with The Dubai Park Hotel – newly affiliated with Medotels Hotels & Resorts – where all the attendants were accommodated.

I must thank all the attendants for making this so successful. Without their dedication and support this would never have been possible. This is a very special moment for me as I can proudly say that Medotels has now reached higher grounds in terms of partnerships and collaborations among all its affiliates. said Mr. Serghides, Managing Director of Medotels Hotels & Resorts.

The next Medotels Hotels & Resorts GSA Summit is expected to take place in approximately 8 months from now, in May 2002, whereas the exact location has not been announced yet.