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Overnight launches private home-sharing network for 350,000 women with Girls LOVE Travel

Peer-to-Peer Home Booking Platform Unveils ‘Groups’ as a Pilot Program with Girls LOVE Travel to Offer Safer and Cost-effective Travel Options Within Private Networks.

LOS ANGELES – Overnight, a peer-to-peer travel booking platform, launched a private home-sharing program called Groups in conjunction with Girls LOVE Travel, a network of 350,000 travel-loving women who strive to empower each other to experience the world. Groups gives users the opportunity to search for and book stays exclusively with trusted networks and friends. Home-sharing through private networks such as Groups or Friends is the ideal option for people who are interested in becoming a host but hesitant to open their home to a stranger.

Overnight's mission is to make travel more accessible and attainable for everyone. While cost is a key issue for travelers, trust is perhaps even more important — both for travelers and home-sharing hosts. This is especially true for female travelers. Groups paves the way for a more trusted marketplace by connecting hosts with either people in their Friends network or members of private groups they've joined. In conjunction with the launch, Overnight also released a tool that eschews conventional pricing, allowing hosts to set exclusive prices for Friends and travelers in common groups. The three-tiered pricing tool was added after the company discovered that home-sharing hosts were willing to lower their prices when they had some sort of connection to their guests.

"Our goal is to ultimately de-stigmatize home-sharing, especially between friends. We see Groups as the key to helping more people not only feel comfortable opening their home, but also asking for payment," said Asher Hunt, CEO and co-founder of Overnight. "Hosts can find comfort in the fact that they're opening their home to someone they're already connected with through a private network, and travelers can save a little money because it's much more cost-effective to stay with people you know while traveling. We truly couldn't have picked a better group to kick off this program with than Girls LOVE Travel – we're thrilled to be able to help them experience this wild and crazy world with each other."

"At Girls LOVE Travel, we empower active and aspiring female travelers to explore the world," said Haley Woods, Founder of Girls LOVE Travel. "Since the beginning, the number one request within the Girls LOVE Travel community has been for a safer, more cost-effective way to travel and stay with other GLT members. With the launch of Groups, our partnership with Overnight provides members with the opportunity to do just that. No travel journey is too great or too small to have a life-changing impact on the woman who takes it; whether our members are acting as hosts or staying on as guests, the experiences they'll share stand to transcend the very technology that makes them possible – and we couldn't be more excited!"

Today, Groups is available exclusively to Girls LOVE Travel, and Overnight is now inviting other communities to apply for the program.

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