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Zoox Smart Data online traffic connections set new record in Q4 2021

Big data provider records over 30 million more connections YOY, representing a drastic rise in the number of guests connecting to hotel Wi-Fi networks and demonstrating the increased value of targeted online promo campaigns.

ALPHARETTA, GA – Zoox Smart Data, an international provider of technological solutions that harnesses big data to build customer profiles from existing Wi-Fi networks, has released its guest internet traffic results for Q4 2022, demonstrating a dramatic increase in hotel Wi-Fi usage that dwarfs previously recorded analytics. Measured from the beginning of September to the end of the holiday season, the statistics compiled from Zoox-enabled customers significantly demonstrate the return of travelers to the industry, while offering valuable insight into the growing effectiveness of online-based targeted advertising efforts.

Notable analytics gathered during the Q4 2021 period include Zoox-backed hospitality and travel Wi-Fi networks receiving a total of 33,214,580 connections, an impressive rise in usage when compared to 2021’s Q4 results measuring just over 10 million. With 2,026,154 new guest connections enabled during Q4 2021, Zoox analytics not only illustrate improving market conditions but also reflect the growing importance of adapting to digitalized experiences in order to conform to evolving consumer behaviors. Out of all the connections recorded during the period, for example, 94 percent were carried out by a guest using a mobile device.

“Hospitality professionals will no doubt be thrilled to see such numbers as each connection represents a guest who has decided to resume travel,” said Sandy James, Director of Business Development- Hospitality at Zoox Smart Data. "However, the analytics also point to how hoteliers should be communicating their offerings which, more than ever, are expected to be made instantly and seamlessly available to guests via their connected devices. With experience personalization also continuing to serve as a differentiating factor throughout the guest journey, we also are extremely pleased that such analytics further represent the success our customers have achieved in custom-tailoring their services and promotions to meet individual expectations.”

Leveraging existing guest Wi-Fi networks, the Zoox Smart Data solution can create profiles for each guest that instantly point to unique preferences and purchasing habits. Once a guest provides authorization, analytics that can be compiled each time they connect their device to a Zoox-enabled hotspot can include, marital status, family size, income and education level, memberships, hobby interests and much more. Using such data, hoteliers can automatically determine which promotional campaigns best align with a specific guest, ensuring heightened satisfaction, loyalty and the ability for hospitality businesses to maximize revenue.

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