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President of Mallorca presents the islands Responsible Tourism Pledge


The UNWTO becomes the first entity to sign its adherence to the Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge through the signature of its Executive Director, Natalia Bayona.

LONDON – The ‘Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge’ was presented yesterday by the president of the Island Council of Mallorca (CIM), Llorenç Galmés, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism and president of the Mallorca Tourism Foundation (FMT), Marcial Rodríguez; and the Director of Tourism for Demand and Hospitality, and vice president-director of the FMT, Susanna Sciacovelli.

The Pledge is a manifesto that represents the starting point of a much broader objective, which will involve a complete change in the promotion and positioning of Mallorca; a new perspective in the strategic design of tourism in Mallorca that involves all elements of the sector, as well as the residents and tourists who visit the island.

The Pledge will contribute to Mallorca maintaining its reputation as one of the best destinations in the Mediterranean.

During the presentation, which took place at World Travel Market tourism fair in London, the president of the CIM highlighted that, “as the global travel landscape evolves, so must our approach to tourism, and this pledge is our proposal for changing the model of promotion, communication, and brand management”.

The Councillor for Tourism emphasised that this is a “future positioning plan that will focus on two fundamental areas: branding and promotional content. It’s a brand repositioning that recognises the importance of sustainability and responsible travel practices, not only to preserve Mallorca’s natural beauty and cultural treasures, but also to ensure the long-term prosperity of our island and the well-being of our local communities”.

The Pledge sets itself as a benchmark for the message to the outside world for anyone visiting Mallorca, but also links to the social core of the island. The purpose: to establish a conscious coexistence of both, tourists and residents, starting from a common consciousness and a unique reference: Mallorca, a privileged island that “we must all contribute to protect”.

Rodríguez highlighted, “that efforts to promote the destination, provide it with greater quality, and position it in an increasingly competitive and global market, must be supported by a change in the promotion model that allows seeing Mallorca from the outside as a place where responsible tourism prevails”.

Embracing a more sustainable and responsible future of tourism on our island involves “close collaboration with local and international institutions, our long-standing tourism partners, and with the support of visitors and residents” shaping travel to Mallorca “in a way that balances the needs of both travellers and our environment”, affirmed the Councillor.

The Pledge

The Director of Tourism for Demand and Hospitality, Susanna Sciacovelli, emphasised that “the Manifesto we present today reflects the main elements that make up a sustainable territory. We are going to integrate the tourism industry into a delicate and limited local environment that coexists with a society unique for its idiosyncrasy and its historical, heritage, and cultural richness”.

Sciacovelli highlighted that, from the initial manifesto implied by the Pledge, different adaptations have been made to achieve maximum dissemination through the most impactful channels, such as the media, as well as each and every one of the representatives of the tourism value chain in Mallorca and the interlocutors of the tourism industry operating on the island.

The pledge summarises and highlights the main areas to be addressed, grouping 8 action areas:

  1. Mallorca will be your home, take care of it as if it were your own. – Remember the importance of caring for and protecting the territory through keeping the island clean and collection of generated waste.
  2. Appreciate and protect nature. – It proposes to enjoy the island’s unique natural environment, always with respect and attention to the rules.
  3. The traces of unforgettable moments will be the only thing you leave. – Reminds us of the importance of minimising ecological impact, mainly by making responsible use of natural resources.
  4. Local is key. Buy, Consume and Live Locally. – Promotion of purchasing and consuming local products, both gastronomic and artisanal.
  5. Observe marine life. Take only photos, don’t kill anything but time. – Promotes special attention to the care of the delicate marine environment.
  6. Rs to protect the environment; Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. – Promotes the reduction of consumption of more polluting elements like plastic. Induces the practice of recycling in everything that is generated.
  7. Communities of heart. Glocale Guests: Global Tourist, Local Heart. – Mallorca is the common home of those who live and those who visit, respect and care are the responsibility of all.
  8. The soul of a wonderful destination to live and at the same time visit. – Encourages participation and adherence to the Pledge; all, residents, visitors, economic and social network, tourism sector… we are all responsible for a Mallorca protected for future generations.
International Support, UNWTO Becomes the First Signatory of the Pledge pending confirmation

The manifesto already has the support of the main tourist agents and tour operators from the United Kingdom. From the direction of Tourism, a round of contacts with the main speakers has been carried out in recent weeks to present the initiative. The unanimous response has been an excellent reception, with everyone agreeing that it is the embodiment of a common interest: to work in a coordinated manner for respectful tourism.

The World Tourism Organization, through its executive director, Natalia Bayona, has been the first entity to sign its adherence to the Mallorca Responsible Tourism Pledge.

The UNWTO, as a leading entity and support to the sector in the promotion of knowledge and tourism policies worldwide, has thus become the first signatory of the Mallorca Pledge.

With the public presentation and the first signatures, this Pledge has started a trajectory that will be nourished by strategic actions to, as indicated by the main document, carry out a “transformative journey towards a brighter and more sustainable future for the Mallorca tourism industry”. The proposal implies that the experience is done together, “together, we can shape a world where travellers experience the magic of Mallorca and, at the same time, preserve its unique charm for future generations”.

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