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EnvExpedia campaign to boost tourism in Quito


Quito Turismo and Expedia Group Media Solutions join forces to boost tourism to Quito through a marketing campaign in the United States and Canada.

QUITO, ECUADOR - To revive the tourism sector, Quito Turismo consolidates alliances and strategies that allow the destination to position itself in the international market, to boost the industry and the economic recovery of the city, offering alternatives according to the new normal.

Part of Quito Turismo's strategy is to work hand in hand with trading partners to boost tourism in the city, which is why this cooperation agreement with Expedia Group, one of the world’s leading travel companies. The objective of this agreement is to have more brand presence through the OTA and its distribution channels, designing a strategy that allows the city to be more attractive and competitive to the international traveler.

Quito Turismo managed to ensure that Expedia Group Media Solutions, the advertising organization of Expedia Group can extend to the hoteliers of Quito the benefits that are part of its global post-pandemic recovery program, when funds reach globally $250 million in support for hoteliers and $25 million to destinations. In this way, hoteliers in Quito will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits in their business relationship with Expedia Group, in order to reactivate and strengthen their businesses in the midst of the crisis  generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We promote strategic alliances that enhance Quito's positioning internationally, so we work together with Expedia, the largest online travel agency, to consolidate mechanisms that support our hotel entrepreneurs, giving them benefits that will enable them to boost their businesses. In this way too, our destination is visible in the accommodation service on a global scale", said Carla Cárdenas, general manager of Quito Turismo.

Expedia Group's recovery plan consists of a series of global initiatives to support industry recovery and accommodation support measures, which have been designed to help independent hotels and small chains rebuild their business, attract high-value demand, and optimize the liquidity of these establishments:

  • The company will reinvest 25% of the compensation 2019 from hotel partners who sign up for this program in promotional and marketing bonuses that will be redeemed through Expedia Group.
  • Expedia will reduce commission for all new bookings during the three months of this program, regardless of the days of the stay.
  • Finally, Expedia Group will extend the payment terms for bookings in the Hotel Collect to 90 days, to provide financial relief.

“There is no recovery plan that fits perfectly for all cases. Relaunching tourism will require an unprecedented level of public-private collaboration and understanding, in depth, what our industry partners need," said Cyril Ranque, President of Travel Partners Group at Expedia Group. "This aid package is the first step in a long journey we take to rebuild the global tourism ecosystem and make it more resilient, inclusive and sustainable." 

This campaign in collaboration with Expedia Group Media Solutions will begin  in October and will have a three-month duration, is aimed at the  U.S. and Canadian market with a strategy that contains exclusive packages, special airline prices, plus engaging visual content to inspire consumers to plan and book their next trip to Quito.

Quito was one of the first cities in the region to resume its commercial passenger operations, which have been carried out today with a maximum capacity of 50% of the frequencies operating before the health emergency. From Quito International Airport, American Airlines currently operates the Quito/Miami route on a daily flight, and United operates the Quito/Houston route with 4 flights per week. In the coming days, the supply and demand for flights from the air terminal to the north of the continent is expected to expand, thus boosting passenger flow and revival of the sector.

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