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How can Malloy Funding help you meet your travel needs?

Whether it is Malloy Lending or some other financial institution, you should do your research and check with your trusted social circle to see what has worked best for them.

For some, the coronavirus has stopped them dead in their tracks. Planned vacations suddenly became unplanned. School field trips became unscheduled. The little old lady who only drove her car to church every Sunday isn’t even doing that anymore. With nowhere to go, some are even wondering why they are still making car payments. All those travel restrictions in place make this a less than ideal time for that family bonding, once in a lifetime road trip.

There are many for whom those restrictions don’t apply. They are as busy as ever and need to get from point A to point B whether it was or was not a part of their original budget.

This is where options like Malloy Funding come into play. Emergency travel is not free. The coronavirus has created something of a bereavement travel industry. If you can find a flight at all, you might get a significant discount on your ticket. But that discount is off the regular price of a same-day flight. As we all know, airlines charge confiscatory rates inside 7 days before travel. Whether it is Malloy Lending or some other financial institution, you should do your research and check with your trusted social circle to see what has worked best for them.

Your travel plans don’t have to be on indefinite hold. Here are a few tips to travel safely during Covid:

Bring plenty of masks
It does not matter what you think about local mask regulations. If you don’t want your travel restricted, you have to wear a mask in many environments if you want to actually be in those environments. It is also best that you bring your own supply rather than risking becoming a victim of pandemic supply price gouging.

Large, reputable retailers are probably the best places for supplies right now because they have the necessary relationships with suppliers. They are also under the most regulatory scrutiny. Amazon sellers were charging 14 times more than other retailers for pandemic essentials.

Don’t count on eating out
Masks are not the only safety restriction you might face. If you are traveling to New Jersey, they just recently lifted restrictions on indoor dining for restaurants. Those newly gained freedoms will not guarantee you a seat at any of the places you were planning on trying. Restaurants are still restricted to 25% capacity and strict social distancing. That means if the dining room is small, very few seats will be available at any given time.

Don’t put all your eggs in the food-delivery basket, either. According to Fox Business, more than 20% of food delivery customers claim they encounter a problem with their order. You might want to plan for renting a space with a kitchenette. There will always be grocery stores open wherever you travel. And if you buy and prepare your own meals, you know your order will be correct every time.

Self-quarantine upon your return
One suspects few people actually follow the guidelines and self-quarantine when they travel. The suspicion is not outlandish seeing how fluidly coronavirus seems to move about with the population.

Thing is, no traveler suspects that they have been exposed to the virus, or that they could be an asymptomatic carrier. Typhoid Mary also had no idea how many lives she would destroy. Don’t be a Typhoid Mary. Practice responsible travel by self-isolating and being absolutely certain that you are not a carrier. If you have symptoms, or even concerns, make an appointment to see your doctor. They will make room for you in their schedule.

If your travel is not absolutely necessary, put it off until the pandemic has past. But if circumstances require you to travel, be sure to bring your own safety supplies. Don’t count on dining out. And do the right thing by self-quarantining for the prescribed time and call your doctor if you have any doubts.

Safe travels.