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How business travel affects health


Have you ever come back from a work trip feeling more exhausted and unhealthy than before, even if you tried to work in a few vacation days? pulled the research and found 86% of business travelers found work trips as a relationship stressor. In addition, 54% are less likely to exercise while away from home.

Some 83 percent of millennials who have never traveled for business wish they had the opportunity to do so. They cite the chance to see a new city, represent their companies in a different environment, and take advantage of hotel services as perks that they would like the chance to partake in. Too many young professionals without much experience traveling for work, business travel is viewed as a status symbol.

Corporate travel certainly has a ring of glamor to it: a chance to see the world and stay in excellent hotels on the company dollar. And furthermore, business trips can reap an enormous return on investment for the companies who send their employees on them: for every dollar spent on business travel, companies recouped $12.50 in incremental increases in revenue.

But while frequent business travel may help pad professionals’ resumes and line company pockets, it has its downsides. Studies show that road warriors are significantly more likely to suffer from a slew of health problems and interpersonal stress on account of their frequent travel.

Furthermore, these issues are diametrically opposed to the health effects of leisure travel. While vacations have been shown to make the body more resilient to stress and other chronic health problems, improve productivity and motivation, and even help save your marriage, frequent corporate travel can take a serious toll on the health and wellness of employees.

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