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How will travel change post pandemic?


The one thing that has not changed in the pandemic is our appetite for travel and we will always find a way to holiday. The new normal may not work well for all tourism operators but the sooner they adapt to it, the better it is.

So many of us have been tied to the desk and dreaming of a holiday for a year. The world is finally returning to some type of normalcy and travel is proving to be a high priority. But you need to keep in mind that your next trip might not look like the one you had before the pandemic. 

COVID-19 has left a long-term impact that will be felt throughout the travel industry in different ways. There will be some positive changes and some negative changes too. Nobody knows if and when the pandemic will fully come to an end but there are ways you can step out of your home for fresh air and a little family time. However, it might not be how it used to be. Here are a few ways travel will change for the foreseeable future. 

1. Limited flights
At the height of the pandemic, flight schedules were totally cleared and this does not mean that we can assume a return to the crowded airports anytime soon. We will see a limited number of flights on a reduced schedule as the travel industry recovers. It applies to airlines that usually run long-distance International routes. We will also see a change in consumer behavior. Frequent fliers may want to take it slow for some time now. On the flip side, decreased flights could be good news for the environment. 

2. Travel bubbles
Not all countries suffered COVID-19 in the same manner and not every country will recover in the same way either. Some countries have a high vaccination rate while many are still struggling. This will certainly have an impact on the travel destinations available to you. There will be restrictions on travel to countries that have been severely affected. It could also lead to travel bubbles where small groups of countries allow citizens to travel between them.

3. Increase in domestic tourism
Travel Internationally is not without the high risks and higher costs. As International flights are limited, there will be a rise in domestic tourism. It is safer to travel at home and is also cheaper. Families will be taking road trips to destinations closer to home. According to Keyah Grande, a luxury mountain resort that offers vacation rentals in Pagosa Springs, CO, there is a significant rise in tourists who choose to stay at a vacation rental instead of a hotel. It is much safer and allows travelers to maintain social distancing. This trend could work as a huge boost to the tourism industry. 

4. Transformation in government responses
There is a strong relationship between the travel industry and the Government. The travel sector contributes to the revenue of the company and it will continue to have huge importance. Government can use travel to recover after the pandemic. We will see countries rethinking their tourism strategy to keep the environment and population safe and they will encourage local holidays and promote local destinations. In some other cases, we will also see countries reduce their protection and allow as many tourists as possible. They will have great deals and will try everything to revive the level of tourism that existed before the pandemic. In this case, it will be up to the traveler to choose the right destination and make responsible choices. 

5. Higher security
All of us have lived through the pandemic and we understand the changes that took place due to it. A lot of things that we took for granted in the past have become valuable today. We will see airlines and countries taking all the necessary steps to maintain higher security. There will be a negative COVID-19 test for passengers who wish to fly. Alternatively, there will be a fully vaccinated certification requirement for passengers. Safety measures will remain in place everywhere and we will have to adhere to the same. 

The one thing that has not changed in the pandemic is our appetite for travel and we will always find a way to holiday. The new normal may not work well for all tourism operators but the sooner they adapt to it, the better it is. You may have to choose from a limited number of destinations or a limited number of flights but even if you manage to travel for a couple of days, you are fortunate. We have not won the fight against the pandemic and it would be a huge mistake to let our guards down. No matter where you are headed, research about the travel guidelines, check the covid protocols, and then make the booking. Most importantly, remain flexible about the dates and destination. You may have to make changes last moment. Remember to keep yourself safe by wearing a mask at all times and maintain social distancing.

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