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MP Hotels strengthens hygiene program as properties reopen


The Munich-based hotel group is implementing a comprehensive plan to ensure optimal hygiene across all its properties as it begins to reopen several.

MUNICH – MP Hotels has been working steadily since March on a hygiene plan to address the risks of COVID19. Now after months of research and planning the budding hotel group is ready to announce its detailed action plan. The hotel group teamed up with global leader in hygiene, Ecolab and the internationally renowned health, safety and hygiene certification body, Cristal International Standards. The purpose is to come-up with a holistic program to ensure the safety of both guests and employees.

“We are now ready to resume operations in all of our hotels worldwide as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted. We would also like to announce our Clean 2.0 project, the name given to the enhanced processes and changes that we as a group are adopting to placate COVID-19," said Roula Jouny, CEO MP Hotels. “We are committed to a COVID-19 free world and our practices are part of the necessary collective global human effort to eliminate the threat of this disease wherever possible by delivering an improved level of safety, health protection and empathy at the highest levels of hospitality,” continued Jouny.

MP hotels chose renowned hygiene specialists Ecolab and Cristal International Standards to ensure Clean 2.0 is implemented across its hotels. This is culminating in a POSI (Prevention Of Spread of Infection) certification for all the hotels and a daily room check assurance tag for every new guest entering his room. The process to obtain POSI certification will be obtained after a thorough program-planning, introduction and auditing by the international body, Cristal International Standards.

“Many of these hygiene processes have been in place for years, but need to be relearned because of new enhancements,” said Jouny. “This is why we are placing a special focus on employee training, auditing and stricter monitoring as we begin to enter a re-opening phase.”

The hotels are implementing strengthened and specialized cleaning procedures in all hotel areas. These include lobbies, elevators, restaurants, spas, fitness areas, guest rooms, the kitchen and staff lounges. Team members are being trained with distinct cleaning instructions and checklists for each area. This way they will be able to more easily adopt and comply with the new measures.

In addition to cleaning measures, the installation of disinfectant dispensers at high foot-traffic points, the provision of protective gear such as masks and gloves to team members, and social distancing measures in restaurant and bar areas will be implemented across all hotels. Temperature controls at hotel entrances are also a part of this comprehensive approach to ensure safety by mitigating risk.

"It is very important for us that our guests and employees feel safe and relaxed, " said Jouny. “After this challenging time, many people long for a carefree vacation and safe work environment, and we will do what is necessary to provide them each with such an experience and space”, concluded Jouny.

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