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Nuvola and React Mobile equip hotel staff with integrated STAFF safety solution


Innovative hospitality software company partners with enterprise safety device to deploy emergency procedures designed to protect employees.

MIAMI, FL – Nuvola, developers of service optimization and guest engagement software, announced a partnership with React Mobile to provide hotel staff with employee safety device and alert management platform developed specifically to provide immediate assistance in an emergency situation. The employee safety device’s one-click activation transmits an alert across Nuvola’s Housekeeping Productivity platform, instantly notifying security staff of a problem with exact location details using multiple built-in GPS tracking options.   

As a former hotelier, I understand the risks involved in daily tasks, and how many of these are done in solitude which can leave employees vulnerable,” said Juan Carlos Abello, Nuvola CEO. “The importance of equipping staff with an accessible and reactive security measure as they perform day to day tasks cannot be overstated and there has never been a better time to use technology to do so.”

In conjunction with Nuvola’s recently released Housekeeping Productivity platform, React Mobile’s safety device creates a more secure working environment for all employees who manage tasks alone while on the job. The device’s one-click activation does not require any unlocking or handling of a separate device or phone, providing an immediate alert to assistance and allowing help to react faster. The long-range GPS tracking and Bluetooth beacons send an immediate alert to front desk and security teams with real time location coordinates to ensure a prompt response.

Up-to-date location details and alerts play an imperative role in providing a safe working environment for a hotel’s staff,” said Robb Monkman, CEO of React Mobile. “Supplying staff members within a hotel with stronger security measures and quick response times should an emergency occur is no longer optional and it was important to us that we work alongside partners that feel just as strongly about creating safer work environments for hotel employees. Nuvola’s commitment to reducing staff safety risks through a robust optimization platform made them the perfect partner to bring the dual-purpose safety solution to market.”

React Mobile’s employee safety technology is a battery powered device that runs in the background throughout each workday to consistently provide a means to summon help to the employee’s exact location. The joint solution is customizable and scalable to accommodate specific property needs ranging from small boutique hotels to large-scale resorts and can be up and running successfully in a matter of days.

Improving the response time and tracking abilities of employees when it comes to on the job safety has been an important point for us since the start of Nuvola,” added Abello. “React Mobile has become proven leaders in supplying hotel staff with emergency safety devices making them the ideal partner to work with in integrating stronger employee safety measures for our hotelier clients.”

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