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Six great reasons for you to take up kayaking


Kayaking offers you a more personal way to explore the beauty of nature and aids in your overall well-being.

Exploring the great outdoors in a kayak is an exciting way to get close to those sights that might not be accessible without the use of a smaller, easily guided watercraft. Whether you want to navigate coastal waters or take a calm paddle around the lake. Kayaking is not only great fun, but it also offers numerous benefits to your physical, and mental well-being. 

1. Not just for the pros
The adventure of kayaking can be enjoyed by any level of kayaker. Deciding on which type of kayak you want to use depends on what endeavor you are planning on participating in. With many varieties available at you can explore by activity to better find that perfect kayak. Whether you have fishing on your mind or a trip that involves portaging, you can get the information you need to find that perfect kayak for your adventure. Factoring in your skill level and your desired intent for the sport. Narrowing down your search to the select few that will exceed your expectations. Traveling by kayak opens your path to possibly uncharted sights and endless adventures. 

2. It’s fun
Enjoying the thrill of kayaking has been shown to increase mental clarity and help ease stress. Rowing is one of the most full-body workouts you can do. As a low-impact activity, it reduces wear and tear on your joints and muscles. It also increases your muscle strength and flexibility. As the fresh air fills your lungs, your body will provide you with more energy and increase your immune system’s functions, helping protect you from the disease. The serenity of nature offers a calming and retreat-like experience for the kayaker. Observing nature from the shoreline reduces the production of stress hormones and helps your mind and body heal while taking in the picturesque surroundings. 

3. You are the scout
Use your kayak to explore areas new to you. Offering lightweight versions that are easy to portage, you can carry your kayak between bodies of water. Opening up the possibilities that a larger vessel like a canoe might be harder to operate, especially solo. You can easily position yourself in those harder-to-get places like in canals or downstream from a waterfall. Offering a completely personal and rare experience to you. As your skills are developed you will find that there is a whole new world to explore on your kayak. 

4. Solo or duo
Different varieties offer the opportunity for you to travel alone, or have a two-seater kayak, and have an adventure with a friend. Most have customizable add-ons that can help you prepare for a simple day trip or a longer tour. With waterproof storage available on most kayaks. Your gear will stay dry and safe while you tour the course. From fishing pole holders to trolling motor attachments. There are endless types of accessories available to personalize your kayak just the way you want. 

5. It’s sporting
As one of the more practical and personal watercraft varieties, kayaks are used in several different sports. You can decide to test your skills on a whitewater course or join a racing club. There are kayaks that you can use to surf the waves or cast out your fly fishing line. Whatever your interest you can bet there is a kayak that is designed just for you. 

6. Your skills
By joining a local club and educating yourself on how to safely operate and navigate your kayak you will gain courage and increase your knowledge. This guidance is important if you plan on furthering your adventure past a calm body of water. Knowing what to do should you capsize, or are forced off course can save your life. It is recommended that you obtain some form of education on kayak operations and safety protocols before you take-off on your adventure.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

By always practicing safe handling and wearing your flotation device, you can be better prepared for any unforeseen circumstance like capsizing. Having emergency equipment in your kayak will better prepare you should an incident occur. So whether you want to just have that quiet day by yourself on the lake or you want to push it and join a racing league, kayaking is a great aerobic exercise and can offer you a completely unique experience. As an activity, your whole family can participate in, with varieties for children and couples you can ensure everyone has a great time and learns all the tricks of kayaking. Getting you into those harder-to-reach tranquil spots that larger watercraft are exempt from. Kayaking offers you a more personal way to explore the beauty of nature and aids in your overall well-being. 

Photo by Nitish Meena on Unsplash

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