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The history of ski chalets and other amazing facts


The chalet was an alpine house that was often built in the mountainous regions of Europe. Back then chalets were constructed from wood and they had a sloping roof.

Frankly, not everyone knows the history of a ski chalet. Some may want to know but the information is not often handy. Did you know that a chalet was initially used by shepherds to store milk from their flock?

In the past, a chalet was mainly used by shepherds as a shelter for themselves and their flocks. Those days, herders often visited the mountains to get pastures for their livestock. This was often the practice with herders in central Europe.

Let’s take you through the history of ski chalets.

How ski chalets came about
Although a brief insight of how to ski chalets started was highlighted in the introduction, see how it started. The chalet was an alpine house that was often built in the mountainous regions of Europe. Back then chalets were constructed from wood and they had a sloping roof. 

Like you know, herders used them to store their milk and house themselves. Most herders in Switzerland and French Savoy also used chalets to store their butter. 

During the winter months, the chalets were left unattended because the herders would take their livestock and products to the flatlands. As time went on, outdoor enthusiasts started traveling to these mountains for holidays but could not find shelter. As expected, the herders gave out their homes as shelter. Then as more people started visiting the alpines for holidays, the herders discovered the market for these vacationers. 

More so, this also saw the beginning of mountain travels. Then the industry began to boom with some individuals building chalets basically for vacationers. Recently, you can also rent a luxurious chalet with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, etc. the market for chalets is currently making more waves in the alpines than hotels. 

The various levels of chalets
There are a lot of factors that determine the various levels of chalets. For instance, the features of each chalet determine which level the chalet would belong to. Let’s get started!

Budget ski chalet
If you are a budget-conscious vacationer, you can find a ski chalet that is very simple and also comfortable to suit your budget. Most often, these ski chalets are regarded as the regular ski chalet. Typically, a regular ski chalet has a bedroom and other basic features like running water, electricity, and low-cost furniture. However, regular ski chalets don't come with a guest service like chef, etc.

Mid-grade ski chalet
Most medium-grade ski chalets have a minimum of 2 to 3 bedrooms. The features of the mid-grade ski chalet are more than what is obtainable in a low-budget ski chalet. A mid-grade ski chalet has a fireplace, kitchen, beautiful décor, and other interesting features. You may get services like snow removal, transportation, and housekeeping occasionally. You may also get other amenities like free Wi-Fi, cable TV, pool, etc. 

Luxury ski chalets
The market for luxury ski chalets has become so broad with various companies providing mouthwatering offers. Like you would expect, a luxury ski chalet is furnished to suit a VIP’s taste. You can find high-end furnishes with modern decorations on a luxury ski chalet. 

Some of the features of a luxury ski chalet are granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, large fireplaces, etc. Also, a luxury ski chalet may have more than 3 to 5 bedrooms with large dressing space. Interestingly, a luxury ski chalet also makes provision for a car garage for two or more cars. 

Meanwhile, some luxury chalets may occupy up to 3,500 square meters or more. In addition, luxury ski chalets offer other services like daily housekeeping, nanny services, transportation, etc. 

You will get a lot of pampering in a luxury ski chalet with services such as catered meals. In most cases, the chefs in luxury ski chalets are renowned names and their catering service is topnotch. Aside from that, since you would have staff taking care of all your chores, you would have more time to rest and enjoy your vacation. If you can afford it, a luxury ski chalet is good for newlyweds or couples who want to spend time together. 

How to get the best ski chalet
Choosing the best accommodation for your ski vacation is paramount. However, the difficult side is how to get the best ski chalet accommodation. If your ski vacation would be in groups, then you may need a catered chalet. Below are tips to find the best ski chalet:

Make inquiries
Most often, chalets may be owned by an individual host or a company. Whatever the case, you need to make inquiries about the owners of the chalet before you book for a reservation. When you discover the owners, look out for reviews of the ski chalet owners. Then make your ski chalet reservation based on the reviews you discovered.

Book early
Most vacationers would know this by now. To spend less on shelter during your holiday trips, you need to book early. Even if you have the money, your favorite ski chalet may not be available when you want to go on a holiday trip. Therefore, the best option is to book the ski chalet early to avoid rush or peak hour price hikes.

Ski-in, ski-out option
If you can afford it, opt for a chalet with ski-in and ski-out options. By doing so you can start skiing right from your chalet. Also, this option would reduce the time you waste trying to get on a lift. The ski-in and the ski-out chalet are the best if you can afford them. No doubt, the price tag of a ski-in and ski-out chalet would be high. 

Final take
Even if you choose to reserve a few hotel rooms, it would not give you that cohesive community feeling you would want. A chalet is primarily a home from home. Finally, modern herders no longer go to the mountains to build chalets. Vacationers have taken over! For the best Luxury Chalet Sales Megeve, contact a reliable chalet company. Buy a chalet if you can afford it.

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