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Feedback Ferret appointed as P&O Ferries technical partner

Feedback Ferret announce their appointment as P&O Ferries technical partner for helping them improve the customer experience for their passengers.

LONDON – Faced with a lack of insight into why their customers were giving the scores they were in their customer feedback surveys, P&O Ferries has turned to Feedback Ferret to help them unlock the reasons behind the scores.

The world-renowned ferry company needed to understand what drives customer satisfaction scores and, by acting on the insight, drive rapid improvements in customer experience. This results in immediate impact on customer retention and advocacy which in turn delivers real improvements to profitability.

Linking customer-rating metrics, such as Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to actual future revenues of customers, provides the basis for robust ROI forecasts for this type of Voice of Customer programme. With a correlation between rating score and customer revenues, P&O Ferries is able to assess the financial benefit for improving those scores. By knowing the factors that have the biggest effect on customers’ scores, the ferry company is in the enviable position of being able to prioritise the levers that need to be pulled that will have the greatest impact on future revenues. This knowledge enables the company to tackle the root cause of those problems, as well as addressing individual customers who mention them in their feedback.

Feedback Ferret’s analytics dashboards gives all P&O Ferries business departments the opportunity to understand what drives customer satisfaction, so improvement plans can be quickly implemented to raise standards of customer experience throughout the lifecycle, from bookings to journeys on the ships.

Of the programme, P&O Ferries’ Customer Services Manager, Jenny Lorimer says: “Feedback Ferret has given P&O Ferries the meaning behind its NPS. We can now quickly and easily identify exactly what our customers are telling us to improve, and what we need to do more of. We now have a targeted programme of projects with employees across the whole business using the insight to continuously improve the customer experience. Feedback Ferret’s ‘best practice’ advice and support have been invaluable and I can’t wait to see what we can achieve in conjunction with them in the future.”