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Groupize launches “Groupize 3.0”

Leading event technology provider evolves to deliver the industry’s most affordable and complete meeting management platform for 100% of meetings globally, regardless of size. 

BOSTON, MA – Groupize, the award-winning provider of simple to use event technology, announced the highly anticipated launch of Groupize 3.0. Groupize 3.0 includes more than ten new features that can efficiently service all tiers of meetings and workflows from registering a meeting, self-service, expert assist, or full service for any organization.

“We’ve done a lot of growing up over the last five years,” shared Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Founder & CEO of Groupize. “Groupize 1.0 was for Small Meetings, Groupize 2.0 was for Simple Meetings, and now Groupize 3.0 is for all tiers of meetings with a focus on simplicity, usability, and visibility. Moving forward, most organizations will not need to pay for two meeting tools to manage all their meeting spend.”

The flagship meetings portal is an entree into meeting management and is designed to grow company-wide in a phased approach. Groupize 3.0 offers a guided user experience, powered by a robust policy engine, enabling management of both simple and complex meetings from one entry point. The new portal is accessible by Single Sign-On (SSO) for organizations to integrate their meeting portal to their intranet, travel portal, or SAP Concur Dashboard, resulting in a secure workflow designed for easy implementation and rapid adoption. Groupize 3.0 can be launched and integrated in 30 minutes without any coding required.  

“Once again, external events highlight the necessity for meeting oversight and duty of care for meetings” continues de Gaspe Beaubien. “To date, meeting technology has been overpriced, cumbersome, and not accessible to everyone in an organization, hence why many corporations are still in the dark and don’t know how much they are spending around the meetings’ category. For years, the industry has been asking for an easy to implement and cost-effective option that empowers travel and procurement leaders to get a handle on all of the meeting spend in an organization.”

Groupize 3.0 includes five core components: Groupize Visibility, Groupize Expense, Groupize Planning, Groupize Logistics, and Groupize Meetings Intelligence.

Groupize Visibility: Groupize Visibility offers a re-imagined workflow for registering meetings companywide. This entree feature is the most affordable way to get actionable data and to prove an ROI and benefits of expanding into broader meetings management.

With visibility into meetings, companies are realizing savings opportunities, improving duty of care, and mitigating risk.  Combined with the Groupize business case generator, results are typically available within weeks for the largest area of invisible spend within a travel program.

Groupize Expense: Groupize 3.0 is designed with procurement and finance in mind to control the 43% of their travel and entertainment budget that events and meetings represent. Enhancements include upgraded budgets, savings reports, approval workflows, and compliance.

Groupize Planning: Groupize pioneered the DIY (do it yourself) and self-service models. Groupize 3.0 includes an enhanced policy engine and a new Meeting Request Form (MRF) for integrated workflows to allow both the occasional and professional planner to collaborate on meeting management. Groupize 3.0 includes 150,000 hotels globally and will include 20,000 venues in Q2.

The new Groupize Meeting Request Form (MRF) reduces the need for some organizations to pay for two meeting technologies and brings more corporations this functionality to better manage their simple and complex meeting workflows.  

Groupize Logistic: Groupize 3.0 includes an end to end experience for attendee management, templated RSVP, registration websites, store, room block management, and air. The industry-leading integration with SAP Concur Travel allows organizations to extend their investment in Concur Travel beyond transient travel into groups, meetings, and events.

Groupize Meetings Intelligence: Groupize 3.0 includes logistical reports such as spend reports, budgets, rooming lists, and flight manifests. Organizations will benefit from Groupize Snapshot and now have access to the Groupize Tableau Meetings Intelligence solution for cross-events, and company-wide reports on events, users, budgets, savings, hotel spend, air spend, and much more.

The Groupize platform is designed to extend the audience of stakeholders from just meeting planners to include admins, travel managers, event planners, procurement, security, human resources, finance, and third parties.  The Groupize data validates our progression into larger meetings and ALL meetings. In 2019, Groupize managed meetings from 4 to 2,600 people. The average size of meetings managed by Groupize was 88 attendees, 4 days in duration, 3.4 leads per hotel, a booking window of 74 days and $976 cost per attendee or $86,000 in travel expense.

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