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Honduras is the Home of International Avitourism

Two Scarlet Macaws spotted during this week's Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour. (PRNewsFoto/Honduras Presidency).

The Conservation Tour is bringing together over 50 avitourists from around the world to enjoy more than 750 species of birds found throughout the country.

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS – Between the 15 different kinds of hummingbirds, five species of Cuckoos, and 28 kinds of Flycatchers, avitourists participating in the Honduras Birding for Conservation Tour, are bound to see the diversity of fowl found within this Central American gem. Beginning on November 4 and running until November 13, Honduras is hosting this major event that will help cement the country's position as the must-see birdwatching paradise in Latin America.

The Conservation Tour is bringing together over 50 avitourists from around the world to enjoy more than 750 species of birds found throughout the country. Birdwatching has become an international pastime, totaling around 240 million birdwatchers worldwide. This tour includes participants from the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, among other countries. These avitourists will be able to experience the best Honduras has to offer, while getting an unparalleled glimpse into the rich biodiversity native to Honduras that highlights the nuances in species found in different corners of the country.

The Birdwatching Tour includes three major stops that highlight the beauties of each Honduran region. Beginning in the Mayan city of Copan, birdwatchers can expect to see Naranjas, a type of Nightingale, Red-Throated Parakeets, and Great Swifts, hidden among the city's ancient structures.

Next, the tour will take visitors to the Yojoa Lake, located in the western highlands. Besides being the largest lake in Honduras, with a surface area of 79 km, and a key convergence point for birds from across the hemisphere, this region's verdant mountains that surround the Lake Yojoa provide visitors with perfect sites to observe birds such as the Gray Hawk, Rufous Neck Wren, and Carrao.

Lastly, the tour will take participants to Pico Bonito, situated on the tropical northern coast. Guides will take eager watchers out on an early morning hikes to catch sights of Toucans, Honeycreepers, and Brown Hummingbirds.

Over this trip's nine days, the Birding for Conservation Tour also provides participants with unparalleled access to the country's numerous national parks. Each park visited by the tour offers guided walks with some of the top international birdwatchers, such as Bill Thompson III, Tim Appleton, and Jeff Gordon.

Watchers can expect unique interactions with each of the region's birds as they trek through Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar (PANACAM), Rio Santiago, and Yojoa Lake National Parks. These guided interactions with diverse examples of Honduran wildlife will grant watchers a one-of-a-kind experience into the natural habitats of each park's local ecosystem. The natural backdrop included in each of the country's national parks gives visitors a plethora of opportunities to snap a winning "selfie" with any of Honduras' wildlife, while also introducing foreigners to a lesser known side of this Central American country with the most diverse tourism offering in the region.

"The main point is that Honduras offers world-class birdwatching and I think that what we need is commitment, attitude, and that Hondurans themselves believe that they have a world-class product," explains PANACAM administrator, David Corea. Corea continues, "[This event], which offers a $20,000 prize to the team that observes the highest number of birds, will help position the country in the avitourism industry."

This tour not only highlights the breathtaking biodiversity found throughout Honduras, but also shows a significant step forward for the country. By embracing new opportunities for learning and interaction, participants will be able to see a new side of Honduras: one that embraces its roots, its diversity, and its culture specifically through the eyes of their feathered friends.

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