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IEG, safety and the digital world, international expos and conferences take off again

IEG CEO Corrado Peraboni.

The conference appointments in July and August. VOICE, from 12th September at Vicenza expo centre.

RIMINI – Ready to take off again – live. In complete safety and determined to recover as much as possible after the blackout of activity suffered along with all the world’s expo hubs and clients due to the pandemic. IEG Italian Exhibition Group, international player listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, is taking off again with the conference season from the month of July and with the expos from VOICE, the new world event dedicated to the international gold and jewellery sector, being held at Vicenza expo centre from 12th to 14 September 2020.

IEG CEO Corrado Peraboni comments, “Along with the market, we share the necessity and great desire to kick-start the relationship system guaranteed by expos, making certain we’re ready for the ‘new era’. Traditional organization procedure will be joined by the new opportunities ensured by the ‘digital world’. New work prospects are opening up, which mean new products and therefore new services. It will be a positive integration, enriching the irreplaceable productive experience ensured when working ‘live’. Two fronts in which IEG has invested with projects prepared during recent months’ distressing stop.”

But the take-off of the events organized by IEG will take place above all by strictly observing the protocols of the #SAFEBUSINESS project, prepared by IEG right from May with a study that inaugurated the series of initiatives on the issue of expo and conference centres which was then finalized at international level. #SAFEBUSINESS was prepared and fine-tuned to ensure the health of companies and visitors and will be applied to the events held in the expo centres and conference hubs in Rimini and Vicenza.

#SAFEBUSINESS is thus the result of a worktable with the technicians from the stand fitting and food service companies controlled by IEG, strictly observing the documents drawn up by AEFI, EDERCONGRESSI, UFI and EMECA regarding activity during the Covid-19 emergency. 
It consists in over fifty regulations, which include transport arriving at venues, accreditation and access procedure, organization of food service areas and management of the entire venue to ensure the total safety of visitors and workers.

Work that will not weigh at all on exhibitors, as the organization effort will be handled by IEG to ensure the utmost safety.

On the subject of digital technologies, recent months have featured IEG as the protagonist of the daily monitoring of the international markets of its 48 expos and 190 conferences and events. 
Values and contents that generated new opportunities, which will now be integrated, ensuring advantages for all the product chains.

VOICE (Vicenzaoro International Community Event) will also involve the local area with the events on the VIOFF program entitled “The New Golden Way” and will be presented to the media by the Municipality of Vicenza, who is the organizer, on 16th July. VOICE joins the program of expos of the gold supply chain of which IEG is the leader and is the result of listening to feedback from companies, their desire to return to expo activity and relations with the supply chain’s national and international community.

Following this, the expo calendar features IEG occupied in Rome at the end of September with Abilmente (and then in Vicenza with the autumn edition), as well as at Rimini Expo Centre from 30th September with ENADA and Rimini Amusement Show. Expos that precede the eagerly awaited trio of events dedicated to the tourist trade in mid-October: TTG Travel Experience, SIA Hospitality Design and SUN Beach&Outdoor Style at Rimini Expo Centre. Whereas in November, again in Rimini, Ecomondo and Key Energy, the two international giants of the green economy, will be back.

On the conference front, IEG will take off again from Vicenza Convention Centre, in the month of July, with two events: an association event for advanced training which will have as its key player an important group of Veneto industrialists and an event by Say Wow – an advertising agency specialized in the fashion sector – organized for an important brand from the area. At Rimini’s Palacongressi conference centre, things will take off again on 18th August with the Meeting, for decades a key player of Italian summers, whose “special edition” will be officially presented tomorrow.

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