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Maldives revealed as the most popular travel destination of 2021

Where people are looking to go in 2021, and where we wanted to travel the most in 2020.

A new study by Club Med has revealed which destinations people are looking to travel to in 2021 by analysing Google search data. In the most unusual year for travel, we look at where people are most desperate to go to in the new year.

With ever changing restrictions, a pandemic meaning some countries were less safe to travel to than usual and a country dying to get out of their homes and into a new environment, the results are revealing.

Top 10 travel destinations of 2021 – RANKED

Ranking Country Search Volume
1 Maldives 2,960
2 Mexico 2,930
3 Thailand 1,600
4 Turkey 1,300
5 Spain 880
6 USA 730
7 Malta 720
8 Portugal 590
9 Mauritius 480
10 South Africa 390

Exotic international travel destinations reign supreme as the most popular countries people want to visit in 2021. Holidaymakers seem to be looking to travel far from home next year with the Maldives as the country at the top of people's list.

Mexico and Thailand come in 2nd and 3rd, each country as exotic as the last. Looking at Europe Brits want to travel to Turkey, Spain and Malta in the new year following a trend of people wanting to go to sunny spots over more prominent winter destinations.

Recent booking data from Club Med also shows that Italy has recently been a popular choice. Kamarina in Sicily saw a large increase of 214% in September compared to the same time last year while Cefalu, also in Sicily, saw an ever larger increase of 350%.

Top 10 travel destinations of 2020 – RANKED

Ranking Country

Search Volume

1 Greece 74,500
2 Maldives 74,200
3 Turkey 74,000
4 Mexico 49,550
5 Spain 49,500
6 United Kingdom 49,470
7 Barbados 33,400
8 Croatia 33,350
9 Cyprus 33,100
10 Thailand 33,000

Greece came out as the top destination for people in the UK looking to get away after a long year of uncertainty and restrictions. The country was one of the first to open back up to travellers after the first lockdown, and since then has been a popular spot for Brits. 

The Maldives is the 2nd most popular country. People who have saved up over lockdown may now have more disposable income meaning a Maldives holiday that may traditionally be too expensive is now officially on the cards. Turkey came in third place with a mad rush of people looking to travel to the country once restrictions were lifted. Club Med has seen a 155% increase in booking to their Palmiye resort in September compared to the same time last year.

People looking to travel closer to home and spend their holidays in the UK increased massively over the past year with 49,470 people looking for staycations. With more restrictions preventing people from taking an overseas holiday, they instead spent time exploring the great outdoors in their own country.

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