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Travel influencer agency reveals poll results on vacation intentions & predictions on trends

Snack-able videos on Instagram stories and Facebook Stories will increase stories. More offline events to connect online relationships with real life experiences.

CHICAGO, IL – Travel influencer agency that specializes in the tourism and lifestyle industry Travel Mindset has released its expert predictions for travel in 2019. The agency also co-authored a poll with Airfarewatchdog that asked travelers what types of vacations they were planning for the new year.

Travel Mindset only allows travel influencers and experts who have been thoroughly vetted and interviewed by their team, and creates custom campaigns for destinations, lifestyle brands, hotels, airlines, and cruise lines.  

2019 Influencer Marketing Forecast
Per eMarketer, adults spent an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes a day on their mobile devices, and that amount of time is expected to rise in 2019. The majority is spent on using apps and within that time-frame, the most viewed content is video. Travel Mindset predicts this will continue to rise.

Vice President Jade Broadus said “Forget the old marketing rule of seven. In digital marketing, your brand can be seen seven times in one hour, and hundreds of times within a week.”

Trend #1: Snack-able Videos on Instagram stories and Facebook Stories Will Increase Stories – Quick 10-15 second moments of a person's day help make fans feel even more like best friends with their favorite influencers. They’re getting a constant and consistent experience with the influencers and are able to interact with them multiple times a day. For brands, having the influencer talk about them or share their product in stories, multiple times a week or month, will increase the authenticity and show loyalty to the brands – increasing loyalty from their fans as well.

Trend #2: Live Videos Will Increase
Whether on Facebook or Instagram, people want to watch a story from start to finish – and live videos help them do that. Cooking, DIY, travel-packing, unveiling a new product-styled segments are most alluring as they captivate an audience so they can immediately witness the how and why – and the behind-the-scenes of their favorite brands and influencers. Brands will increase viewership by having featured guests (influencers) join them and have influencers invite their own fans to watch. Key!  This new audience will increase the brands engagement and should increase their followers as well.

At the same time that mobile use with social media apps is increasing, we are seeing a higher desire to connect offline too – but with the * that we can bring those offline experiences and share them online.

Trend #3: More Offline Events to connect Online Relationships with Real Life Experiences
Just as sharing vacation photos ranks high on social media, having tailored offline experiences with social media influencers – ones that all of their friends love too- will be a huge factor in destination consideration. Some influencers and brands have already teamed up to offer personalized trips or influencer-led excursions. Travel Mindset expects that to rise. Followers and Fans want more authenticity between them.

Trend #4: Long Term Relationships between Brands and Influencers
The brands we see winning are those who are invested in creating deeper "brand ambassador" relationships with influencers throughout the year(s). Creating one-off campaigns and/or massive thousand people influencer activations aren't the answer, as they won't deliver that same punch as years ago. There simply are too many one-hit viral ads on social to compete with these strategies to deliver the same results as they might have once garnered. It will be more about brands collaborating with influencers and, as part of the influencer's life journey.

Trend #5: The Rise of Influencer Marketing in Natural Disaster Recovery Efforts
Hurricane Matthew and Florence and the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa or in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are examples of areas that needed massive help to rebuild- and while tourists shouldn't visit right this second, there will be a time when they are not only welcomed back, but needed to help the community rebuild. Influencers can help bring the first wave of visitors and share what the area looks like after the disaster.

Trend #6: A Shift away from PR and more to DR (direct response)
Most PR companies’ goals don’t coincide with the KPIs of travel clients, who are normally focused on visitation numbers and/or bookings. While PR companies continue to try and manage the influencer business of clients, their clients will soon realize that the ultimate metrics/ROI on influencer campaigns should be less general media focused, and more strategically designed to focus on the bottom line. Therefore, there will be a strategic shift to work with agencies & influencers who are less PR and reach-only focused, and more with those that alter the bottom line.

Poll Results
What kind of vacations do you mostly plan to take in 2019? (974 respondents)

  • 63% Destination-based
  • 24% Adventure
  • 8% Event
  • 5% Culinary


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