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Kuoni now number one in the US incoming market

The Kuoni<.> Group has acquired Allied Tours LLC of the USA from its parent company Classic Vacation Group Inc. with retroactive effect to…

The Kuoni<.> Group has acquired Allied Tours LLC of the USA from its parent company Classic Vacation Group Inc. with retroactive effect to January 1, 2002. Allied Tours, which was one of the pioneers of the US incoming business, is currently number two in the market, with a workforce of some 100 employees and a total turnover last year of USD 77 million (around CHF 129 million). The new acquisition, when combined with T PRO, the US incoming company acquired in 2000, makes Kuoni the new number one in the US incoming market. The contractual parties agreed not to divulge the price of the transaction.

Incoming business to the USA had shown steady growth before the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Given the country`s strong appeal as a vacation destination, Kuoni is convinced that this business will recover in the medium term. Indeed, T PRO has already detected the first signs of a return to positive business trends. The acquisition of Allied Tours LLC will not only provide Kuoni`s tour operator clients with greater depth and variety within its product range; it will also enable Kuoni to consolidate its position in the prime markets of Italy, France and the UK, and enlarge its share of the international US incoming business. Kuoni also sees sizable synergic potential in the acquisition through the possibilities it offers of combining certain of the two subsidiaries activities.

Allied Tours LLC can look back on over 50 years in the incoming business. Like T PRO, the company mainly offers individual travel arrangements, escorted tours, group travel, city sightseeing, transportation and similar service products. Headquartered in New York, the company also operates offices in Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Hawaii, and has a total workforce of some 100 employees. Allied Tours provides guest services for the customers of over 300 tour operators worldwide when they visit the USA. Its key client and customer markets include Italy, France, the UK and Japan. The company generated total turnover of USD 77 million (around CHF 129 million) in 2001, and posted total turnover of USD 117 million (around CHF 196 million) for the previous year. T PRO, by comparison, recorded total turnover of USD 66 million (around CHF 110 million) in 2001 and USD 106 million (some CHF 177 million) for 2000, and employs 60 personnel.

Kerrin Behrend, T PRO`s President, will also serve as President of Allied Tours LLC. Currently, Allied Tours operations will continue as a separate entity. Kerrin Behrend stated I look forward to working with Allied Tours clients, suppliers, management and staff, as we expand the position of both entities and brand names in the North American Inbound industry.

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