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Five reasons why we love yatching in Dubai & you should too


Ηere’s why you have to charter a yacht in Dubai.

Want to pack a punch this vacation? Then you must sail away to Dubai to relax and party on a personalized luxury charter yacht!

Subsequently, you get an all-new dimension to view the city from the sea and enjoy its culture and heritage. And if you’re a person not wishing to spend lavishly on food, restaurants, and hotels. Then taking a luxurious rental yacht and setting out to wake to a new horizon is the best thing to do.

However, out of the many benefits depending on the package you’ve chosen, a charter luxury yacht offers scuba diving, ride jet skis, luxurious on-deck pool rooms, etc., all in the middle of the sea. So here’s why you have to charter a yacht in Dubai. Continue reading to watch the boom!

Why charter a luxury yacht in Dubai
Dubai is blessed with a 560 km coastline with a beautiful sea just a few paces away. And it’s home to some exotic marine creatures. However, it is also the best place for yachting as it is composed of different islands. The city has its glory, well known for its warm climate and the largest man-made isles, such as the Plam Jumeriah.

It is the gateway for your family to have a quality time sailing across the crystal seas in yachts to carry back home a cherished memory. Also, I bet it can become a lifetime achievement for you as the city offers the best tourist attractions on land and water.

Top five benefits you get yachting in Dubai
Hush! Let me tell you a secret. It would be best if you considered these mindblowing reasons as there are lots you can do on the waters of Dubai. But keep it top secret until you surprise your family members with a revolutionizing vacation in the upcoming holidays.

1. A breathtaking view of magnificence
Watching the sea from the land is a common experience nowadays as Dubai has allowed its tourists to travel on luxury yachts on the water to give a breathtaking view of the magnificent city! Just think of it. Looking at the mesmerizing skyline, the clear blue waters, and above all, the glory of the beautiful buildings. Sounds luring, right?

2. Explore the uttermost parts of Dubai
Tired of reading travel guides and books about the usual tourist spots? Then taking a luxury charter yacht in Dubai is your right choice to reach Dubai’s exotic and unkown serenity-filled places.

You have an opportunity to visit unnamed beaches, islands, harbors, and whatnot! Moreover, you get a chance to slip into the luxury yacht for some relaxation sipping some drinks which you can never find in any of the hotels and resorts on land.

3. Luxury, comfort, and privacy
You are the king of the rented luxury yacht and enjoy a lavish lifestyle within the vessel. It includes a spacious lounge, cozy bedrooms, deck, sitting, dining areas, etc., to have a fun and fantastic time with your loved ones. And above all, you’re completely shut down from the mechanized world on the shore.
You get some entertainment on the deck to make your sailing a blissful experience, where you order and cook your favorite meal. And some luxury yachts in Dubai offer dancing floors to rock and roll throughout the night. So in a luxury yacht, you say, Let my will be done!

4. All play and no work in the yacht
Sounds intriguing? Well, no mommies and daddies are allowed to cook and work on board. All you have to do is to enjoy the maximum and click some excellent photos to carry back home.

You get a personalized professional crew to do everything for you, which includes changing your bedspreads and providing you breakfast on time. Also, you get a chance to enjoy fishing, scuba diving, or jet skiing if you’ve opted for that offer before booking.

5. Get some exclusive, surprising benefits
Want to host a meeting, party, or festive celebration? Don’t worry, as yacht companies are willing to offer that service too! Before you leave, just notify the crew; they’re there to give the air of pomp and joy when you return. Think of it.

How much your loved one will enjoy the bash and have it as a special moment in their heart
But to get fitted into your vacation, you must consider the budget. Not everyone can afford to stay in a luxurious hotel and spend money for a few days in a crowded city. So chartering a yacht is an affordable option. You pay in advance to relieve your financial burden of the food and the stay.

Above all, no yacht compromises its luxury despite the cheap rates. Hence your board without any hesitation!

You me & the sea
It’s time you get a twist to your vacation chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai and have some enjoyable moments alone or as a family!