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Community tourism

Evaneos and Planeterra join forces to develop and promote community tourism artound the world

PKP Community Centre
PKP Community Centre

The collaboration aims to integrate and fund community tourism experiences within Evaneos’ vast network of independent local travel agencies, fostering authentic and responsible travel experiences.

PARIS – Evaneos and Planeterra announce their partnership, dedicated to advancing fairer tourism globally.

To start, Evaneos and Planeterra are working with three community tourism enterprises, one in Africa (Madagascar), one in Asia (Indonesia), and one in Latin America (Peru). Evaneos’ support includes grants to enhance tourism facilities, technical training, and long-term mentorship through Planeterra, and finally market connectivity by integrating custom experiences into the Evaneos offer. In parallel, Evaneos will also integrate at least 50 already existing community tourism enterprises into its offer before 2025.

To inaugurate the partnership, Evaneos is investing 300,000 euros in 2024, with plans for continuous scaling and funding in the future. Aurélie Sandler, co-CEO of Evaneos, will join the Planeterra Board of Directors, reflecting a shared commitment to empowering local communities.

Razafindrabe, Madagascar

Razafindrabe, Madagascar.

Aurélie Sandler, co-CEO of Evaneos, says: “We are extremely proud to announce this partnership with Planeterra, which will ensure that the income and benefits generated by the tourism industry stay within the communities that it takes travelers to visit. Simultaneously, the partnership aims to cultivate enriching and meaningful experiences for travelers, which has been our goal for the last 15 years.”

An obvious common vision that led to a long-term partnership

Evaneos is the European leader of a more responsible tourism approach. Through its platform, Evaneos has created, over 15 years, a trusted network of local agencies worldwide to create authentic, more responsible trips for European travelers. Evaneos is continuously working to resolve the biggest challenges the industry is facing, especially the fair distribution of revenues in the tourism supply chain. With Evaneos, at least 85% of the amount of each trip goes directly to local actors, but they want to go further.

By partnering with Planeterra, Evaneos aims to harness the power of community tourism as a force to regenerate destinations and promote social equity.

Urpis de Antaquillka

Urpis de Antaquillka, Association Team.

“This partnership with Evaneos enables Planeterra to advance our mission of using tourism to uplift communities worldwide. Together, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the destinations where Evaneos’ local partners operate, supporting communities while promoting a better way to travel,” explains Jamie Sweeting, President of Planeterra.

Community tourism enterprises as drivers of change in the industry

The collaboration with Planeterra focuses on community-owned and led tourism enterprises, aiming to break barriers and engage communities in meaningful, life-changing ways. This approach supports communities in achieving their own diverse goals, from cultural preservation to environmental sustainability and socio-economic development. To launch the partnership, Evaneos and Planeterra will support the development of three community tourism enterprises in 2024. These initiatives empower women, preserve cultural heritage, and foster economic and social growth within local communities, showcasing the transformative potential of community tourism:

  • In Peru, Evaneos and Planeterra are supporting the development of Urpis de Antaquillka, a community association nestled in the Chinchero region, which shares ancestral knowledge with travelers seeking genuine experiences. From immersive weaving experiences with local women to water ceremonies, traditional cooking classes, and unforgettable llama treks in the Andes, Urpis de Antaquillka offers a rich tapestry of cultural immersion. This association directly employs 22 Indigenous women and indirectly benefits 60 other members of the community.
  • In Bali, Indonesia, Evaneos and Planeterra will support the development of the PKP Community Centre, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering female empowerment and gender equality among vulnerable Balinese women and local girls. Through various initiatives, the center offers programs focused on teaching essential skills like sewing, cooking, yoga, and community integration. Travelers are invited to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture through activities such as food exploration, prayer offering classes, gardening, and craftsmanship workshops. Today, 30 women directly benefit from the program, while over 100 people benefit indirectly through community outreach efforts. The economic gains from these activities also contribute to children’s education and nutrition support initiatives.
  • Razafindrabe in Madagascar is a women-led social enterprise with a mission to create sustainable livelihoods for women by promoting traditional Malagasy Raffia craftsmanship. Their vision is to empower women economically and socially through craft-making while preserving Madagascar's cultural heritage. Through this initiative, many women, with low access to education, can use their natural talents to create unique handicrafts as well as learn different entrepreneurial skills. Today, more than 100 women benefit directly from the program, while over 1,200 community members benefit from it indirectly, with increased access to education and the establishment of a social bank system.
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