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Ten frontrunner airports certified at the new Level 5 of the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme, having achieved net zero for

Within the EU+ countries market, the best performances came from relying on incoming tourism and VFR traffic: Iceland (+25%), Greece

ICAO CAAF/3 agrees collective goal of 5% carbon intensity reduction by 2030.

Airports Innovate is conceived as a premier global event that captures the essence of transformation and seeks out-of-the-box ideas. It

Danish airports are at the forefront of the industry’s decarbonisation efforts, with Aarhus, Billund, Copenhagen and Roskilde airports all aiming

Inaugural guidance on Open Architecture for Airport Security Systems establishes detailed recommendations for implementation across national regulators, airport operators, manufacturers

IATA’s assertion that airport charges have been continuously increasing above inflation also does not stand scrutiny – as it relies

When compared to pre-pandemic (Q3 2019) levels, passenger traffic in Q3 stood at -3.1%, marking a significant improvement over the first

But significant performance variations between airports will remain due to geopolitics and structural market changes.

During his meeting with Marat Karabayev, Minister of Transport of Kazakhstan, the Director General of ACI EUROPE, Olivier Jankovec, pointed