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The appointment of Tarrant to this significant position underscores the valuable role that research, and consumer understanding has to play

Marriott was the highest-ranking brand in the country, followed by Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Consumers in the UK’s perception over where to find the best rate has become more confused over the pandemic, according

The study found that 80% of leisure guests had already booked a domestic stay, or were highly likely to, with

Given a choice between similar hotels with one delivering better sustainability credentials, an overwhelming majority chose the sustainable hotel. This

Rising traveler intent is positive indicator for industry, according to insights from BVA BDRC and Expedia Group.

BVA BDRC research reveals the Boomer generation, 55 years plus, is reluctant to anticipate return to domestic and international travel,

BVA BDRC research reveals lessons for leisure, travel and cultural sectors to help unlock consumer spending after the crisis. Confidence