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New digitally-enhanced hotel captures essence of New York City with high-low design elements, local art and groundbreaking technology.

Interior architecture specialists Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk and Peter Joehnk, co-authors and co-managing directors of JOI-Design, unveil imaginative concepts for stylish guestrooms

Vintage furniture classics, handcrafted accents, and elegant textiles woven from natural fibres sit alongside robust ropes, nautical motifs, and vintage

Appoints Emmanuel Shamoun, Director, Consulting and Bonnie Boyer, Senior Project Manager, Procurement.

Developed by Standard Portfolio Group and Wave Hospitality, the yet-to-be-named resort is set on 135 acres in the Temecula foothills

Areen's design narrative captures the local heritage, with the furniture and fittings responding to the surrounding landscape and natural beauty

O'verlays are lightweight, decorative fretwork panels that can be installed permanently or temporarily on furniture, mirrors, windows, and walls, making

As hospitality lifestyle brands continue to soar in popularity with hybrid lobby concepts and bedrooms that blur the lines between

Internationally acclaimed as the leading pan-European competition to focus on excellence in hotel architecture and design, the European Hotel Design

Several additional features this year will showcase original ideas, technologies, products and materials.