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Over 200 positions were analysed across seven departments in order to ascertain minimum and maximum salary thresholds, bonus and overhours

The team of the PKF hospitality group alongside their colleagues at PKF Littlejohn will work with the EEA to develop,

The millions of pilgrims who come to Saudi Arabia to visit the holy sites are the next obvious market to

PKF hospitality group is currently consulting the "Nikola" project in Croatia in the Adriatic region.

In the newly created position, his main task is to provide expert support to clients throughout the entire cycle of

The apartment hotel is located in a residential area, just a few meters from the pedestrian zone.

Michael Widmann, Global CEO: said: "I am very pleased to welcome our colleagues, who each have a high level of

This acquisition marks a continuation of JPI’s well established value creation strategy of developing profitable hotels assets in highly attractive

Slogan worldwide: "driving change in hotel, living, tourism & leisure".