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Emtel launches travel eSIM service to transform international data roaming


Mauritian travelers can now use eSIM Voyaz by Emtel, powered by Breeze, to enjoy affordable data roaming and stay connected in 150+ countries

EBENE, MAURITIUS and LONDON, UK – Emtel, a leading telecom network operator in Mauritius, becomes the first mobile operator in the world to build a travel eSIM service to complement its traditional international roaming offering to travelers. Enabled by eSIM Go’s Powered by Breeze solution, the service gives Mauritian travelers access to mobile data bundles globally, many at far lower prices than have historically been possible because of reciprocal cross-border agreements between mobile network operators (MNOs).

Mitch Fordham, CRO and Co-Founder at eSIM Go, said: “We’re delighted to be helping Emtel tear up the MNO rule book on international roaming for the benefit of their subscribers, through our Powered by Breeze solution. This continues Emtel’s strong legacy of tech innovation with another global first, successfully navigating the thorny pricing issue experienced by MNOs and their subscribers in places like Mauritius that welcome far more inbound roaming traffic from visitors than the outbound traffic local subscribers generate when data roaming abroad.”

The new service – eSIM Voyaz by Emtel, powered by Breeze – is available as from today, offering a range of bundle sizes with many of the most popular locations boasting multi-network coverage and 5G access.

Kresh Goomany, CEO at Emtel, emphasized the company’s customer-centric approach: “Emtel has always pioneered technology and services for its customers. As the first mobile network operator in Mauritius, we are obsessed about customer experience. We understand the need to stay in touch when traveling abroad and we also know the pain of high data roaming charges without forgetting the hassle of getting a new SIM when reaching the visiting country. In a world where seamless connectivity is a necessity, we are thrilled to introduce eSIM Voyaz, a game changer for Mauritian travelers. Through our partnership with eSIM Go, we offer a truly global travel data eSIM, with data packages in over 150 countries, available to all Mauritians with an eSIM compatible device. eSIM Voyaz keeps you connected with ease and flexibility and gives peace of mind. No need to worry about high data roaming bills! And the best part of it is that you keep your existing WhatsApp number even when abroad.”

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