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GIATA and Feed Dynamix integrate hotel data seamlessly and optimize online marketing in the travel industry

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Through the collaborative efforts of GIATA DRIVE and Feed Dynamix, customers can enjoy tailored campaigns designed for different target groups.

BERLIN – GIATA, leading provider of content solutions for the travel industry, announces its cooperation with Feed Dynamix, a SaaS provider for data feed management. This partnership enables the automated integration, optimization and transformation of hotel data for individual partners & the third-party systems.

Feed Dynamix offers innovative data feed management solutions tailored for the travel industry. Leveraging this partnership, hotel images, along with facts and descriptions taken from GIATA DRIVE, are seamlessly transferred to Feed Dynamix. There, they can be organized, optimized, and controlled based on customizable criteria.

Hotels and hotel chains gain the ability not only to provide data feeds for social media platforms and retargeting providers, but also to connect to Google SA360 for automating Google Ads.

“The collaboration with Feed Dynamix underlines our mission to optimize data management in the travel industry and provide our customers with the best possible tools. By using the content channel manager GIATA DRIVE, travel and hotel providers automatically receive hotel data, facts, and descriptions. This reduces the complexity of data handling and improves data quality simultaneously.” says Kalina Nikolova, Business Development Director of GIATA

“Together with GIATA, we enable tourism companies to make their online marketing processes more efficient and to further optimize them. Our specially developed interface to GIATA DRIVE forms an important basis for the comprehensive automation of processes and enables targeted scaling in online marketing. We are looking forward to the collaboration.” said Tobias Jungcurt, Managing Director of Feed Dynamix

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