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Cisalpina Tours opens in Cyprus

  • Domenico Pellegrino, CEO of the Bluvacanze Group.

Official event on board MSC Musica: institutions, partners and management celebrate the headquarters specialized in business travel “Marine”. Limassol represents the fifth “foreign mosaic tile” of the internationalization plan of the Bluvacanze Group.

MILANO – Cisalpina Tours has officially opened its office in Cyprus, specifically in the city of Limassol, which is known for its tourism and economic activities. The inauguration event took place on board Cruise Vessel MSC Musica and was attended by various institutions, partners, and management personnel, totaling around 150 attendees. This event provided an opportunity to discuss the international investments of the Bluvacanze Group and the expertise of the MSC Group, particularly in the fields of cruises, tourism, events, and business travel.

The Cyprus office marks the fifth expansion for the Bluvacanze Group since December 2022, as part of their global expansion, which is progressing rapidly and consistently. The upcoming expansions will focus on European capitals until the end of 2023, followed by the establishment of a presence in Durban, South Africa, to conclude this phase.

Prabhat Jha, CEO of MSC Shipmanagement Limited, emphasized the importance of extensive experience and trusted relationships in the business travel sector, especially within the maritime industry. He highlighted that the significant presence of MSC in Cyprus will facilitate synergies and exceptional opportunities for the local business community.

Domenico Pellegrino, CEO of the Bluvacanze Group, noted that the established presence of the MSC Group in Cyprus sets the stage for the development of their business travel unit, specifically catering to customers in the marine sector. Vaso Nikola Leonidou, Managing Director of Cisalpina Tours Cyprus, expressed confidence in their team’s expertise and years of professionalism, which will provide genuine added value to clients.

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