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Few & Far sets the stage globally for impact tourism

Few & Far

Brought to life by the Founders of Under Canvas, Few & Far Seeks to Reimagine the Way We Travel with the Launch of an Industry-leading Ultra-Luxury Experiences Brand Centered on Sustainability

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a decade fueled by a soaring demand for sustainable outdoor escapades and a fervor to explore and protect our planet’s wildest places, Few & Far offers reimagined sustainable safari & ultra-luxury outdoor experiences around the world, officially launched on March 7, 2024.

Conceptualized by venerable travel & hospitality industry veterans, Co-Founders Sarah and Jacob Dusekformerly of Under Canvas, the U.S.’ largest & leading glamping companyFew & Far aims to bring the safari experience to life on a global scale with a new high-end experiential brand destined to become a key player within the impact tourism conversation eco-system.

The Dusek’s plan to guide travelers on a carbon neutral journey to some of the world’s most extraordinary wild places.

Few & Far

Co-Founders Sarah and Jacob Dusek.

Under the direction of these two award-winning travel visionaries and innovative change makers, the collection was born from the realization of the exponential power of the hospitality industry to drive change, foster economic and environmental nutrition, protect fragile environments while creating sustainable access to incredible destinations across the world.

Through carbon-neutral immersive journeys and their very own eco-minded luxurious accommodations tucked away within extraordinary remote and wild locales around the globe, Few & Far is determined to revive and redefine the safari experience as we know it today.

The World in Your Hands

The first 25 carefully crafted experiences will feature sustainable and luxurious itineraries in off-the-grid locales such as the Peruvian Amazon, the Botswana Bush, the Italian Dolomites, and through some of North America’s most exhilarating wilderness destinations, ranging from $10,000 – $50,000 per trip. Experiences include immersive journeys through Argentina & Chile starting in the jungle and traveling to the ‘end of the world’, combining culture and the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, to an immersive journey through Slovenia hiking the Julian Alps, rafting down emerald rivers, or exploring the remarkable UNESCO Škocjan Caves system. Additional experiences will be added throughout the year, expanding the brand’s footprint to regions such as Asia, the Pacific, and Antarctica.

Available starting May – September 2024 for the Summer, Few & Far will launch several seasonal experiences in luxury custom tented private camps in otherworldly destinations across the U.S. including the Grand Canyon, San Juan Islands, Grand Tetons, Mendocino, Yellowstone Country, and the Sierra Nevada, offering solar-powered, carbon neutral local excursions across America’s iconic landscapes.

Each itinerary features a twist: for every trip booked, travelers will receive a comprehensive review of the impact generated on their journey. For instance, guests embarking on the “Lima and The Peruvian Amazon” adventure will directly support local female artisans, empowering local communities along the riverine areas through Delfin Amazon Cruises’ program – leaving a lasting positive footprint on the communities encountered and the lungs of the world protected.

Redefining Remote Luxury Accommodations: Q4 2024

Slated to open later this year (Q4 2024), Few & Far will also debut its first-ever eco-lodge, a biophilic 60-room experiential luxury abode, located atop South Africa’s elusive Forgotten Mountains within UNESCO’s Vhembe Biosphere Reserve – one of the world’s most biologically diverse regions in the world (more biodiversity than all of Europe combined!).

With the possibility of arriving via luxury train, coming online in 2025, to your own private stop, guests will be taken to their mountain top home aboard a uniquely designee sky tram, ascending 750 meters in elevation through one of the most impressive biomes on earth, hosting some of the world’s largest baobab trees in Africa and over 30 species found nowhere else. Few & Far’s eco-lodge emerges as one of the world’s most distinctive ultra-luxury safari accommodations. Thoughtfully designed by Jacob and a team of skilled architects, the lodge aims to mimic the natural curves of the wide array of living plants in the biosphere, working in symbiosis with nature rather than against it, to provide a truly immersive experience to guests – one where they feel a part of the nature that surrounds them.

Launching at the end of 2024, this experiential lodge is inspired by the weaver bird nests and seeks to redefine the African safari experience with a unique solar powered aerial experience: a state-of-the-art cable car system, that will provide guests with a firsthand look at Jacob’s innovative designs. The game viewing experience spanning a 40 km track around the reserve, will allow guests to traverse above the wildlife and encounter the bush in a truly extraordinary way beginning early 2025.

As further evidence of Few & Far’s dedication to rewilding & sustainability, over 100,000 hectares of the region are currently being petitioned to become a newly protected conservation area, to further bring awareness to the Limpopo region and the Soutpansberg Mountains.

Catalysts of Change

Beyond setting benchmarks, Few & Far aims to create a blueprint for impact tourism and the start of a regenerative luxury travel movement that reframes our relationship to the environment and resonates globally. By investing in building a legacy of conservation and sustainability, all experiences are rooted in protecting, preserving, and leaving a positive impact on green spaces around the world, driving conservation efforts, creating social resilience, and stimulating socioeconomic empowerment through economic nutrition.

Few & Far isn’t solely about innovation; it embodies the philosophy that businesses are sustainable solutions to problems, championing the idea that they should create self-sufficiencies and drive positive change by generating employment opportunities, fostering economic growth in the areas they operate and assist in rewilding the environment they inhabit—catalysts for local development, aligning profitability with purposeful impact.

The Vanguards

Following the incredible success of Under Canvas, the Dusek’s also created Enygma Ventures, a private investment fund dedicated to supporting and investing in women-led businesses in Africa that has helped over 10,000 entrepreneurs since its inception in 2019, in industries such as fintech, AI, online education, and CPG companies. There, Sarah aims to demystify the complicated and often inaccessible world of funding to help make capital accessible to women, thus driving economic and social progressive change.

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