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Regenerative Hotels launch innovative scuba diving programs in Belize and Tanzania for World Oceans Day 2023

  • The Underwater Room at Manta Resort where you sleep under the sea.
  • Escape to a diver's paradise at Hamanasi Resort, Belize

Discover the latest conservation experiences to further regenerative tourism.

NEW YORK – Regenerative Travel, a consortia of travel companies dedicated to regenerative tourism announce the launch of two exciting initiatives in celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8th, 2023 at Resort in Belize and Manta Resort in Tanzania, both proud members of Regenerative Hotels, have unveiled unique programs focused on marine conservation and citizen science.

First Scuba Safari Launches at Manta Resort, Tanzania

Manta Resort on Pemba Island in Tanzania introduces the Pemba Coral Reef Safari, a one-of-a-kind scuba diving and marine wildlife experience. Manta Resort joined forces with Ecotraining, a renowned guide training organization in Africa, to introduce a groundbreaking 28-day guide training course that has been specifically adapted for the marine environment and scuba diving, creating a first-of-its-kind training experience. Unlike traditional scuba instruction, the Pemba Coral Reef Safari course focuses on equipping guides with specialized techniques for underwater guiding, as well as the identification and interpretation of marine wildlife found in and around the coral reefs of Pemba.

By partnering with Ecotraining, known for their expertise in guide training, Manta Resort ensures that their guides receive top-notch education and skills development in the marine environment. To enhance the guest experience, the trained guides are equipped with the latest full-face masks featuring built-in microphones. This technology allows for real-time underwater commentary, providing guests with an immersive and educational narrative about the marine world. Divers participating in the Pemba Coral Reef Safari will wear specially designed earpieces, further immersing them in this informative journey.

This immersive journey combines the elements of a terrestrial African safari with the undersea world, offering a guided encounter with marine wildlife. The safari accommodates a maximum of two divers, ensuring a comprehensive and intimate experience. Each dive is led by a trained guide who has completed a specialist course in underwater guiding and marine wildlife interpretation.

Manta Pemba Island partners with BlueRise, the eco-tourism division of Blue Finance, and supports the local non-profit organization, Kwanini Foundation, dedicated to making positive social and environmental contributions to Pemba Island.

Booking a Pemba Coral Reef Safari not only offers an extraordinary diving experience but also contributes to marine protection and local community development. $35 from each safari booked directly supports the Kwanini Foundation.

Citizen Science & Lionfish Spearfishing Adventure at Hamanasi Resort, Belize

Hamanasi Resort, located on the south coast of Belize, is introducing the Belize Dive Explorer, a captivating Marine Conservation & Citizen Science Scuba Diving Package. This package combines exhilarating dive adventures with the eco-luxury experience offered at Hamanasi Resort. Guests will have the opportunity to explore the wonders of the Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, while participating in activities such as a Lionfish spearfishing adventure where guests can learn about the invasive lionfish species and help remove them from the reef and night dives.

In addition to the Belize Dive Explorer, Hamanasi Resort also launched the Women’s Dive Internship & Career Development Course. This paid internship aims to empower women by providing them with an opportunity to enter the dive profession and establish meaningful connections with industry professionals and conservation organizations. Guests will have an opportunity to dive with the female dive trainees and learn more about conservation firsthand.


*Hamanasi is offering select press trips to journalists interested to cover the female guiding program and new scuba package

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