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Where does your loyalty lie?

Vicky Karantzavelou - 21 October 2013, 14:08

Grocery and drugstores rank just ahead of travel loyalty programs according to poll in advance of national Twitter chat on loyalty.

DALLAS - How loyal are you? That's what the travel experts at set out to determine with the Consumer Loyalty Survey, which found that approximately one-third of Americans (36 percent) participate in brand loyalty programs. The survey examined U.S. consumers' thoughts and behaviors toward various brand loyalty programs and identified factors that drive consumers to enroll in such programs.

Key Findings:

  • Adults ages 35-44 are most likely to take advantage of loyalty program benefits, with 39 percent of participants polled saying they are enrolled in up to five different programs.
  • Perks (31 percent) – not convenience (10 per cent), associated costs/fees (5 per cent) or brand loyalty (2 percent) – represent the biggest motivational factor for joining loyalty programs.
  • Free products/services (63 percent) and exclusive promotions (24 percent) are the most popular perks.
  • Grocery and drugstore chain loyalty programs are the most popular with nearly a third (32 percent) saying they have a loyalty membership in this category.
  • Travel related loyalty programs are the second most popular with 24 percent belonging to at least one brand's program.
  • Airline (17 percent) and hotel (15 percent) loyalty programs led the way in the travel category.
"Loyalty programs are popular because they provide an incentive for consumers to get something for their normal behaviors or purchases," said Taylor L. Cole, APR, travel expert for "With little to no extra work, you can get perks including free product, upgrades or more from your favorite brands. Our Welcome Rewards program is a prime example, which gives travellers one free night for every 10 stayed."

The Consumer Loyalty Survey was distributed via Google Consumer Surveys and completed on October 11, 2013. The survey polled 700 Americans across the country.


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"Rodney Mason" commented on 31 October 2013, 16:42:

Great insights. Building on this, we completed research last month that showed hotel guests prefer prepaid card rewards over other types of rewards. In fact, 2 out of 3 hotel travelers will book a hotel room for a prepaid card, versus other options. Additionally, prepaid rewards are 4X more popular than 50% off a third night. Something for hotel owners and operators to keep in mind when selecting the best reward vehicles to use in their loyalty programs.
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