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HOTREC announced the election of new Members of its Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee

The newly formed HOTREC Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee will engage in a new programme to foster employment, education and training in the hospitality sector for the next 3 years.

RIGA – On the occasion of its 69 General Assembly, HOTREC, the business association representing the European hospitality industry, announced the election of Santa Graikste (AHRL, Latvia), Istvan Kovacs (HHRA, Hungary) and Andrea Stoccoro (FIPE, Italy) as Members of its Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee (SSD).

The newly elected members together with the HOTREC SSD Chairman, Jean-Marc Banquet d’Orx (elected in April 2014) and Andrew Muscat are committed to develop a new programme to foster youth employment, upskilling, education and training in order to dynamise the hospitality sector. The programme will be developed together with HOTREC trade-union counterpart, EFFAT, and the representatives of the European Commission.

The success of the newly launched Hospitality Skills Passport will remain one of the key pillars of this programme. The Passport is an online tool accessible in all EU official languages developed to facilitate the contact between jobseekers and employers in the sector. It aims at promoting mobility in the European labour market. Along with the Passport, the following key issues will top the SSD Committee’s agenda: Corporate Social Responsibility, actions being put in place to fight youth unemployment and health and safety at the workplace.

The new elected members will continue to engage in a constructive dialogue with the trade unions in order to order to foster the hospitality industry’s competitiveness, i.e. growth and jobs. The sector provides 10 million jobs in Europe, therefore, discussions and exchange of views amongst social partners on European measures related to social affairs are of the utmost importance” said Jean-Marc Banquet d/Orx, Chair of the HOTREC SSD.

The social dialogue committee runs HOTREC’s sectoral social dialogue with its trade-union partner EFFAT, based on the mandate conferred by the General Assembly. HOTREC’s SSD Committee is now composed of its chairman Jean-Marc Banquet d’Orx (UMIH, France), Mr. Andrew Muscat (MHRA, Malta) Ms. Santa Graikste (AHRL, Latvia), Mr. Istvan Kovacs (HHRA, Hungary) and of Mr. Andrea Stoccoro (FIPE, Italy).

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