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Gjon Lulgjuraj

As a principal owner of Spiritus Ventures and Diageo Properties, Gjon leverages his MTA certifications and IT skills to manage and grow two successful businesses in different sectors. He has over four years of work experience in IT and real estate, starting as an IT technician at Brewster Technology, where he gained valuable knowledge and expertise in Windows server administration and operating system fundamentals. He then applied my technical and business acumen to launch Spiritus Ventures, a company that provides IT solutions and services to clients across various industries. At the same time, he founded Diageo Properties, a real estate investment firm that acquires, renovates, and rents properties in the local market. He is passionate about finding innovative and efficient ways to solve problems and create value for customers and partners. He is always eager to learn new skills and explore new opportunities in the dynamic and evolving fields of IT and real estate. He is also fluent in Albanian and English, which helps him communicate and connect with diverse audiences and stakeholders. Gjon's mission is to use his entrepreneurial spirit and IT competencies to make a positive impact in the communities and markets he serves.

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