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Gekko Group and Travelcoup announce strategic partnership

Gekko Group

Through the cooperation with Travelcoup, the Gekko Group aims to transfer its unique atmosphere and community spirit, which is lived in its hotels and restaurants, to semi-private air travel.

FRANKFURT / SARNEN Gekko Group, one of Germany’s most innovative hotel and hospitality brands, and Travelcoup, Europe’s first provider of scheduled flights in the semi-private jet concept, are now working together strategically. The new partnership was announced by Alex Urseanu and Micky Rosen, owners and founders of Gekko Group, and Niclas Seitz, CEO and founder of Travelcoup. The aim is to build a strong lifestyle and travel community through joint marketing activities, exclusive events and mutual customer benefits.

The Gekko Group is known for its innovative projects and has established itself as a leading brand in the hotel and gastronomy industry in Germany.


Travelcoup’s VIP scheduled flights offer the advantages and amenities of a private jet flight at a business class price. The new Travelcoup flight plan will start in July 2023 with five weekly connections from Munich and Zurich to Mallorca and Ibiza. The flights will be operated through Travelcoup’s own Embraer ERJ 145 jets, which have a unique semi-private configuration with only 22 seats. Additional destinations in the Mediterranean as well as further departure airports in Germany and Switzerland are planned. By the end of 2024, the Travelcoup fleet is expected to grow to five owned jets in the same configuration.

Niclas Seitz, CEO of Travelcoup, emphasised the importance of the partnership: “We are very pleased about the cooperation. With their extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality industry, Micky and Alex have identified a gap in the market for a unique travel experience where the journey to the destination is already an experience. Travelcoup’s vision is to provide travellers with an unforgettable VIP experience that is also affordable. With our own jets and our focus on excellent service and quality, we are creating a whole new class of travel and an exceptional community experience.


Micky Rosen is enthusiastic about the partnership: “After 25 years of experience in the hotel and catering industry, it was the logical consequence for us to take it to the air. In Niclas Seitz and Travelcoup, we have found the ideal partner to take this step. We want to leverage the community from across our Gekko Group hotel and hospitality portfolio and make travel an exciting and social experience where travellers can network and connect while en route to their destination.

Alex Urseanu, owner of Gekko Group, said, “I am delighted that we and Niclas Seitz have found each other. In our hotels, like-minded people meet; special encounters and friendships for life are found. We would now like to bring this special spirit and community idea to the skies, so to speak. The experience should already begin when you start your journey.”

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