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ITA Airways’ fleet becomes younger and greener: Four new Airbus aircraft added in a single week

ITA Airways

Over 50% of fleet now comprises new generation aircraft.

ROME – ITA Airways, just one week after disclosing its financial statements for 2023, continues its trajectory of development with the addition of four new-generation Airbus aircraft to its fleet within a single week. This brings the total number of NewGen aircraft to 44 out of a fleet of 87.

The company ensured the swift integration of the new aircraft into service during the last week of March. They were promptly made available for operations within a day of being registered in the Company’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This accomplishment was made possible through the concerted efforts of ITA Airways personnel and the active collaboration of ENAC and other regulatory authorities involved in the authorization processes.

In detail, the four aircraft that have been incorporated into the fleet, representing four different categories, include: an A330-900 owned by ITA Airways, an A321neo, an A320neo, and an A220-100, with the latter three being on lease.

“Investment in our fleet, which has grown by more than 60% since our inception, lies at the heart of our strategy. Today, announcing the entry into service of four new-generation Airbus aircraft in just one week is highly gratifying for us,” stated Francesco Presicce, Accountable Manager & Chief Technology Officer of ITA Airways. “We have implemented Entry Into Service procedures to ensure the swift and efficient integration of newly acquired aircraft, while adhering to safety and regulatory requirements. Achieving this milestone underscores our ambitious goals and our commitment to making strategic decisions. Witnessing the average age of our aircraft decrease from 12.5 to 8.4 years in just over two years, with over 50% being the latest generation Airbus models, highlights the success of our Entry Into Service activities. This reaffirms that we are on the right track. Our target for 2024 is to introduce 26 new aircraft into our fleet, reaching a total of 96 by year-end. Among these, 67% will belong to the new generation, a figure that surpasses twice the average of new-generation Airbus aircraft in the fleets of other European carriers, currently standing at 32%”.

ITA Airways is currently outfitting its next-generation fleet with cutting-edge technology and onboard Wi-Fi to enhance efficiency and service quality while significantly reducing environmental impact. The airline aims to achieve, by the end of its 2023-2027 Strategic Plan, approximately 90% of its fleet being environmentally friendly, consuming 25% less fuel, and emitting fewer CO₂ emissions, with the goal of becoming Europe’s most eco-friendly carrier.

The expansion of the new generation fleet represents another stride forward in ITA Airways’ growth strategy, aligning with sustainability objectives for the benefit of the environment and the community.

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