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How to plan a perfect road trip to explore the essence of South Africa

If you are planning to travel through South Africa with the rental car, it is the best decision you have made so far.

There is no other country where you can come close to the lions, penguins and wild meerkats or even you can hike through the mountains, chill at the wineries, enjoy delicious food at the best restaurants and surf on wild beaches together in one single trip. It is only possible if you visit South Africa. This nation is really fascinating, diverse and stunning to explore. And, you might be surprised to hear that it is one of the affordable nations to explore on wheels.

If you are planning to travel through South Africa with the rental car, it is the best decision you have made so far. Various car rental services are available in this country that provides a wide range of services like airport pickups, door-to-door transfers, chauffeur services and road trips for the travellers. With so many car rental agencies now in South Africa, booking your avis car hire has just got too simple.

The road trip to South Africa will become a huge success if you follow the points below
1. Visa is a must– Yes, whenever you are planning for a trip to South Africa, might be it is a road trip or not, you should get the visa first. Some of the nations have direct access to SA without the need of visa for 90 days like US, UK, Australia and Canada. However, it is better to consult with the visa provider for the same.
2. Best time to visit– South Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere and the winters are from June to August and summers are from November to February. The temperature of this nation remains temperate throughout the year and it is always good to visit. If you want to avoid the rush, try to avoid the summer holiday time, which is from mid-December to mid-January.
3. Getting there– You can reach first at the airport. The affordable will be to land at Johannesburg. There, you can stay in a hotel and have sightseeing in the nearby places and then start the road trip after 2-3 days.
4. English is well spoken– There are about eleven official languages in the country. But, English is widely spoken and you can be comfortable if you can speak English.
5. The safety precautions on road trip– There are various safety precautions to take while you are having your road trip. It is suggested not to drive during night, keep the doors locked always, do not stop for anyone unknown on the road, do not keep anything open in the car, keep the glassed closed when you are travelling in the cities, drive safe and follow the rules at the crosswords and do not walk around the city during night.
6. Choosing the best car rentals– Though the car rentals are pricy in South Africa, but you can make a research to pick the reasonable one from the lot. To know more about the car rentals, you can visit the website and other contact platforms too.

Tips to choose the best car rental company in SA
As said earlier, you can find that there are various car rental companies available in South Africa. So many options can make you confused. As not all the rental agencies do have insurance or proper license, you might face problems later if you do not choose the best one. First step is to compare the prices of various rental companies and choose the one that falls in your budget list, choose the car that accommodate all the travellers in your group, check whether the vehicle is insured or not.

The rent of the car depends upon the distance you are travelling, thus better to rent the car as per daily basis. Cars are of various types- economy cars, luxury cars, compact cars, full-sized and the convertible ones. No matter what type of car you are hiring, make sure to check the condition, engine capacity and batteries. Booking your avis car hire has now become easy and affordable with expertise help.

Plan the best road trip in South Africa and get the chance to explore the culture and wildness of the country closely. Make an itinerary or take help from a tour operator for doing the same. Road trips are very popular in this nation as they provide an insight of the rich culture, heritage and wildlife that you can explore closely.