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Miss travelling? Ensure safe travel with three ways

Our world, as we know it, has been brought to a standstill by Coronavirus and its grave implications. It has affected more than 15 million people worldwide, and the curve only seems to rise upwards.

Globally, over the last few months, our lives have changed radically. The outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has turned into a global pandemic. Health advisory officials everywhere are requesting citizens to stay at home and practice social distancing to reduce the spread of this deadly virus. Our world, as we know it, has been brought to a standstill by Coronavirus and its grave implications. It has affected more than 15 million people worldwide, and the curve only seems to rise upwards.

At such times, you are being advised to travel or move out only if it is essential. However, in some time, hopefully, things will start getting better, and many restrictions may slowly be curtailed. However, on a personal level, you must ensure that you and your loved ones can travel safely and securely. While you may still have concerns about using public transport, what should you do in that case?

Let's say you are in Pune and you don't own a car, how do you travel then? Well, one smart alternative would be to consider using rental cars in Pune for both outstation and within-city travel. Yes, it can be a bit costlier compared to using public transport. Still, it is undeniably one of the safest ways to ensure that you are alright and maintaining a proper distance from other people.

So, when situation normalizes, stick to a few measures listed below to ensure safe travels for your loved ones and yourself. Here we have listed a few main points to bear in mind:

1. Avoid crowds and crowded areas
It may take a while for things to normalize across the world after the severe impact of Coronavirus gradually wanes.  That is why if you make any travel plans, whether outside the country or domestically, avoid destinations that are too overcrowded. If planning a vacation or going for a trip with friends, try sticking to domestic locations or nearby getaway spots. Also, stay away from crowds – especially in closed spaces.

Before you visit any place, do your research well and then plan accordingly. It would also be better if you travel via your car or book rental cars in Pune for travelling. It will ensure that you can stay away from crowded places during your journey, at least, thus ensuring your safety to a great extent. Car rental companies such as Zoomcar provide you with the advantage of going places all by yourself, both comfortably and safely. All you need to do is get a car on rent in Pune, which will be delivered at your doorstep. This way, you can reach the place you want to visit and avoid crowds simultaneously.

2. Clean and sanitize frequently used objects
Whether you stay at a hotel or a hostel while you are travelling, make sure that you book a clean place. As a precautionary step, check-in with the hotel staff beforehand to ascertain that your room is thoroughly cleaned. Also, carry a disinfectant to clean and sanitize the objects that you frequently use. It could be anything, from your keys to your travel sling bag or anything else. If you travel in public transport, then you will have the additional worry of avoiding contact with all kinds of infected places. However, if you book a self-drive car on rent in Pune for outstation or within the city travel purposes, you will be saved from this trouble big time. Self-drive cars provided by companies like Zoomcar are well sanitized before they are handed over to you to ensure the safety of all passengers against possible infections and viruses. They offer all kinds of cars, including hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs, which you can choose as per your travel plans. They also deliver the car to your doorstep for offering you maximum comfort.

3. Maintain distance from others and wash hands frequently
The next thing you need to religiously follow while travelling is to make sure that you wash and sanitize your hands frequently. In case you are travelling by plane, sanitize or wash your hands properly after you leave the airport. Also, you may hire an in city or outstation car rental Pune services depending on your travel plans for maintaining social distancing during the trip.

If, while exploring or hanging out, you notice a person coughing, sneezing or showing any cold and flu symptoms, maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from them. For the same, if you book rental cars in Pune, you do not have to come in close contact with anyone. Availing the best car rental service in Pune makes sure that you maintain your distance from others and crowded areas to ensure your safety.

Stay safe to travel more
For those of you who don't own a vehicle, you usually are dependent on public transport. However, with what Coronavirus has taught us, we should responsibly follow all precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe even after the risk is minimized. Therefore, book rental cars in Pune for any kind of travel. Private cars are well sanitized and help minimize your exposure to infected or crowded places. So, make sure you stay safe so that you get to travel more!