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Seven things to do on your next visit to New York

New York City continues to be at the top of the list with roughly 14,000 rooms in construction.

Read on for the seven best things to do on your trip to the Big Apple.

New York is home to some of the most fascinating sights and activities in the world. It’s so chock-full of activities that you may have a hard time deciding on your itinerary for your next trip there. After all, you don’t want to just visit landmarks and participate in the same group events as every other tourist. You only want the crème de la crème of NYC adventures.

That’s exactly what we’ll help you with. Read on for the seven best things to do on your trip to the Big Apple.

1 – Go on a food tour
The City That Never Sleeps is one of the most diverse places in the world, with more than 35% of its population made up of immigrants. So many people from different backgrounds have helped shape New York into a cultural mecca.

But that’s not the only thing these folks have brought to the concrete jungle. They’ve also enriched it with recipes from their national cuisines, all of which are reflected in New York’s food tours.

There are many reasons you should sign up for a food tour. Number one, of course, is the chance to enjoy delicious food. Whether you’re a fan of pizza, pierogis, Danish pastry or smash burgers, you can find them all on your journey.

Another amazing aspect of spellbinding culinary tours in New York is their group nature. Namely, you don’t go to NYC’s restaurants yourself. Many other fellow gourmands can accompany you, taking the experience to a whole new level. Plus, you get to see some of the most impressive attractions of the city on your way to various establishments.

2 – Visit Central Park
No New York experience is complete without a visit to Central Park. If the weather is nice, be sure to go here at the crack of dawn and spend a whole day. Trust us; you’ll never get bored since there are countless activities to keep your heart racing.

For example, why not play a basketball game at one of the 20-plus courts there? You’ll likely find at least four more like-minded recreational athletes among over 40 million people who visit the park every year for a quick pickup game.

Central Park is a stunning place, even if sports aren’t up your alley. You can grab a blanket and relax on the grass or sit on a bench for hours, admiring the pristine nature against the backdrop of awe-inspiring buildings.

The scene will etch itself forever in your memory.

3 – Pay respect to the victims of 9/11
The human spirit is unbreakable, which was on full display after September 11, 2001. New Yorkers stood by one another throughout this tragedy and came out stronger. If you want to pay respects to the victims, don’t forget to visit the 9/11 Memorial and the adjacent museum.

It’s a profoundly emotional place, as it reminds you of the ordeal NYC citizens faced on this terrible day. But it’s also a reminder of the ultimate human persistence and courage.

4 – Cross Brooklyn Bridge
We’ve mentioned several sites that are perfect for taking stunning images and videos. However, Brooklyn Bridge reigns supreme in many people’s eyes, which is why you should cross it at least once.

But if possible, don’t do so in a taxi or public transit vehicle. The place has a gorgeous pedestrian trail, so why not take advantage of it? From start to finish, it’ll give you a closer look at some of Brooklyn’s and New York’s most famous sights, including Jane’s Carousel and the waterfront. No matter where you look, you’ll be taken aback by the vastness of it all.

5 – Explore Grand Central Terminal
Grand Central Terminal mostly attracts commuters who flock there every morning and afternoon going back and forth to work and elsewhere. The place can get quite crowded, but this doesn’t mean you should avoid it. Even though lots of people flock here, the area is large enough to accommodate an even greater number.

If we used just one word to describe Grand Central Terminal, it would be “breathtaking.” Once you arrive here, the grandiose architecture will make your jaw drop. Every structural element is harmonized with one another, from high-end chandeliers to marble floors. Wherever you turn, you witness the extraordinary skills of the people who built this place.

If all the sightseeing has made you hungry, no worries. There’s no need to leave the station to have lunch because it’s home to a variety of establishments with palatable food. Another great idea is to buy fresh produce at the nearby market and indulge yourself in homegrown ingredients on your way back to the hotel.

Finally, don’t forget about souvenirs. Local stores are packed to the rafters with various collectibles to suit all tastes. Whether you’re crazy about ornaments or books about the history of the station, you’ll find what you’re looking for on every corner.

6 – Embark on a Staten Island Voyage
Few NYC activities are as iconic as riding the Staten Island Ferry. The service is available every day, and thanks to the local authorities, it’s 100% free. Therefore, you can see New York from an entirely different perspective while keeping your budget intact. It takes about 25 minutes to get to the other side, giving you plenty of time to admire the vistas.

7 – Climb the Empire State Building
If you wish to enjoy panoramic views of New York from towering heights, ascending the Empire State Building should be a priority. This 102-story building is a visitor’s dream, as it’s perfect for taking selfies and gazing at stars. Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to see pretty much all of NYC because the structure is nearly 1,300 feet high.

And even though long queues are likely, given the fact that the venue invites more than 4 million tourists per year, don’t let them discourage you. The journey upstairs and the view will be well worth the wait.

Make your visit worthwhile
New York can be intimidating if this is your first time visiting the city, but not if you have a plan. The above sites and activities are enough for days’ worth of exploration. So, don’t postpone your adventure a second longer.

Book your tickets and make the most of your stay.