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The best apps to travel around the world

Get your phone ready to store, because these travel apps are everything an adventurer like you needs for your next trip.

Everything is on our cell phones these days. Apps have made our lives much easier, so there are more and more travel apps that make some processes more practical, like booking airline tickets or exploring new places.

If you, like us, love adventure, then read on to find out which travel apps you can’t miss on your cell phone. If you are a student and are worried about your homework while traveling, you can ask to write essays for money to get rid of unnecessary stress.

We’ll start with one of the most famous and certainly one of the top-rated travel apps. Airbnb is a network that allows you to connect with private landlords who rent out their homes or rooms.

It’s a great option for travelers looking to save money, and also a very attractive social component for many, as there are landlords who even offer to become a friendly guides for travelers.

This travel app is also a classic among classics – you’ve probably used it! Booking is a very well-optimized hotel search engine that displays all the information you need to make a reliable decision.

Some of its best features are:

  • Search for hotels by current location and on a map
  • Custom zone with reservation management and personal data for quick use (payment cards, main guest name, etc.)
  • Filters according to the characteristics of the trip
  • List of favorites
  • Download travel guides

We all agree that travel is one of the most exciting things anyone can do. Passporter wanted to make travel even more exciting by letting you collect all your travel experiences in one place. It’s a travel app that can be used as a journal to record your adventures.

What for grandmothers was a photo album of favorite moments has become a travel app for digital natives, allowing you to share photos with others interested in visiting the same places or even repeating your own experiences.

The difference is that it includes geolocation of the exact location, so any user can visit the same place or take the same photo – perfect for travel agents!

What makes this travel app so interesting is that it works like a real passport, as each trip accumulates different stamps that will allow the user to permanently remember all the places they visited. So you’re already downloading it to your mobile!

Waze is one of the most popular travel apps, and it works because of the drivers who use it all over the world.

You can use it not only for traveling but also in your city. But this driving app is especially useful when you don’t know the best routes for your trips.

Waze will tell you along the way which routes to take to get to your destination. It is very well optimized and updated according to traffic rules and the best streets in each location. That’s why many people consider it one of their favorite travel apps.

Like Waze, Duolingo isn’t exactly a travel app, but it helps people who travel a lot. Are you the kind of person who likes to know the language of the country you’re visiting? Duolingo makes it easy.

It includes short lessons and lots of games so you can quickly learn to speak, read and write the language. With a little persistence, this language learning app will help you quickly say simple sentences so you can order what you want at the restaurants you visit!

It’s a lot of fun when we travel with friends, study with them, or go to restaurants. But all the fun ends when it comes time to pay, and no one knows how much you owe-if only there was a travel app!

The good news: there is. Splitwise was designed for group travel, when we make reservations with friends, buy tickets, go out to eat, and at the end comes the not-so-pleasant time of reckoning.

With this travel app, you can divide a certain amount equally and keep track of all your expenses and travel budget. In the end, you’ll find out how much each party owes and how much each paid.

You can create groups, upload data about how much they pay, who pays how much, and who owes money to whom, and then this travel app will do the calculations to take the stress out of splitting expenses. That leaves more time for what really matters: having fun and enjoying the trip!

When we go on a trip, there’s so much to organize that we’re going to need a lot of travel apps. But Tripit aims to do for one app what many of them could do.

With this travel planning app, you can plan your itinerary and the places you visit so that everything is in one place and you can more easily explore your new destination. With Tripit, you can organize:

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Itinerary
  • Restaurants
  • Points of Interest
  • Routes

You’re in another country, getting to know a fascinating place and filling your cell phone with photos for Instagram when all of a sudden: you feel like going to the bathroom and you don’t know where the nearest one is!

The creators of this app were well aware of how to respond to something that happened to all of us. That’s why Flush is one of the best travel apps out there. Its purpose? To show you where the closest toilets to your location are.

Using your phone’s GPS, Flush will tell you where you can go without making a long trip in search of a toilet you may have unknowingly found near you. It’s a really useful app for travelers! So the next time it happens to you, you know there’s Flush.

These travel apps are great and are sure to help you better organize your next adventure. And how about taking a look at our online lifestyle courses – maybe you’ll find other hobbies you’ll enjoy!

Bike map
If you’re a bike enthusiast and like to explore new places by bike, this is the travel app for you! Bike Map shows bike routes by category, with mileage and gradient, both in cities and neighborhoods.

Now you know. There’s no excuse to help the environment while having fun and discovering the incredible benefits of exercise with a bike. Let’s take a detour around the world!

If you love to travel, you probably know other travel enthusiasts. And if you use this app, you’ll meet many more! Couchsurfing is also one of the best travel apps out there.

This travel platform connects locals with travelers and works in more than 230,000 cities around the world. Its search engine is very well optimized and allows you to explore accommodation options where you are or future destinations as it shows locals offering their accommodations where you can stay for as long as you need.

But that’s not all it can do. It’s also one of the perfect travel apps to build a community and meet other people who are also going to travel the same route as you. This way, you can turn a personal trip or a trip with several people into a great group trip with friends with whom you share the same passion for travel.

Plus, with this travel app, you can also find out what events are happening around you and see which users will be participating in those events – a great way to meet new friends around the world!

Things look very organized when we sit down in front of an Excel document and put together a travel budget. But when travel begins and we spend a lot of money, there is no document to help us.

Expensify is one of the best travel apps because it organizes our lives and helps us control expenses during our adventures. You can download any information you want, such as:

  • Fares for public transportation
  • Meals
  • Admission fees
  • Accommodation
  • Souvenirs

Just take a picture of the ticket or invoice and it will be saved automatically. You can then see how much everything was spent. This personal budget template can also be a great aid for better self-organization, not only in travel but also in everyday life. Give it a try!

XE currency
Few things can be as challenging as getting used to other countries’ currencies. That’s why one of the best travel apps is XE Currency, with which you can convert over 180 official currencies between each other.

So you don’t have to constantly pull out a calculator to find out how much something you’re about to buy or pay for is worth. All you have to do is enter an amount into XE Currency, and this travel app will give you the result of how much the item is worth in your currency.

This is one of the most commonly used travel apps by bloggers and travel agents because it allows them to provide their subscribers with accurate information about how much each action they take on a trip costs.

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