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ADEL ABDEL AZIZ Chairman of Egyptian Tourist Authority

The Chairman of the Egyptian Tourist Authority, Mr. Adel Abdel Aziz, speaks about Egypt’s national tourism sector policy. Emphasis is given on quality and policy aims to foster and encourage high services in competitive prices.

Q: Mr Aziz, could you briefly describe the strategy followed by the Egyptian Tourist Authority?

A: From 1982 we have developed a new strategy aiming to increase the number of tourists visiting Egypt. Our plan was and still is to boost tourism demand by attracting visitors beyond our main tourism incoming markets, namely visitors by the European Community, USA, Canada and the Arabic countries and target new potential markets. The predominant new markets we aim to attract are: Scandinavia, South-eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and Southern & Latin America. Up to now we’ve achieved to enjoy travel movement from South-eastern Asia, Japan, Australia and Malaysia. Even from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia, 600.000 tourists totally.

Q: Are there any markets you distinguish?

A: Good customers for us are the Germans followed by Italians, Russians, English, French and Saudi-Arabians. Last year we received 5.2 million tourists, while for this year our target is 6 million tourists, if of course any dramatic changes in the global scene will not happen. I hope scientists manage to eliminate the threat of the new virus (SARS).

Q: Which are your priorities?

A: One of our first priorities is to promote Egypt as a place of congresses and incentives, and this keeps pace with our aim on quality tourism. In Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, etc, we already have the infrastructure needed in 5-star hotels that can entertain congresses of high requirements. We don’t promote Egypt simply as a destination rich in history, but also a as place that offers amusement, has beautiful beaches and unsoiled coasts, while visitors can enjoy all types of marine sports. Continuously we invest in new products and special forms of tourism as for example golf. For people interested in golf, I want to stress that we already have 12 golf courses that can be found in Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El Shek in Orgada and in the most important tourist parts of Egypt.

I would also like to refer to the new library in Alexandria, that opened its gates last October. It represents for us an important work that we hope it will constitute a pole of attraction for an important number of individuals worldwide.

Our other priority is the privatization program, which is in progress. Tourism plays an important role in our national economy and accordingly gains the proportional attention. We continuously improve infrastructure at all levels. We want to provide superior services in competitive prices.

I would also like to highlight that we have taken, to the possible extent, all the necessary measures in order to ensure that Egypt constitutes a safe destination. I believe that visitors feel it from the first minute of their arrival.

Q: Which action does the Egyptian Tourist Authority takes to promote tourism?

A: Tourism in Egypt is promoted through advertising campaigns in the mass media, participation and attendance in various exhibitions and the continuous renewal of advertising material. We also participate in all major International events, while we have developed for the demanding tourist, cultural, athletic activities reinforcing Egypt as a tourist destination and attract people interested on these events.

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