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Mark Fallon: Technology expertise will expand BlueSky’s operations

Mr. Mark Fallon, the new Managing Director of BlueSky Travel Systems speaks on TravelDailyNews for his expectations and for BlueSky’s future.

TravelDailyNews: What should we expect from your new post in BlueSky Travel Systems?

Mark Fallon: A new level of energy, focus and experience completely dedicated to driving BlueSky forward to a period of rapid growth and expansion both in the UK and Europe.

TDN: How will your appointment help the company to gain global awareness?

M. F.: Prior to joining BlueSky I was running Northern Europe for the 3rd largest independent software company in the World and been a member of the World Wide Management team running a software specialist business within IBM. During that time I have gained valuable experience in developing markets outside the UK and have a network of contacts that will help us build global awareness.

TDN: Why did you take the decision to move in to BTS?

M. F.: My assessment was that BlueSky was a fantastic company for me to join and make a difference.

  • A financially stable rapidly growing company with the vision to be the WW leader in the provision of reservation systems to Travel tour operators

  • a highly flexible and scaleable product architecture

  • Sponsorship and support of some large influential partners

  • A key solution provider in one of the largest projects ever to take place in the industry

  • poised to be a dominant player in UK and Continental Europe

TDN: As online travel technology becomes more and more flexible globally what new are we going to see from BTS?

M. F.: The inherent flexible architecture of itour is such that we can respond quickly to the changing dynamics of the marketplace by exposing this flexibility through the user interface.

Our current product includes support for dynamic packaging and pricing, support for Specialist and Mass Market business models and access to a wide range of 3rd party inventories as well as owned inventory.

Our roadmap includes delivering additional support for multi language and multi currency with support for local tax regimes.

As the industry evolves more content will be available on line through a single booking interface e.g. cruise, taxis, European rail , ferries plus the traditional flights ,accommodation, cars and extras.

TDN: According to your expertise, what trends are going to drive the travel distribution technology in UK and Europe?

M. F.: On going drive to reduce operational costs and increase margin.

Blurred distinctions between the traditional roles in the travel distribution model.

Multi channel access.

High performance access to bespoke or tailored product and a move to accurate real time inventory searches that reduce the layers of caching.

Real time packaging of complex itineraries.

Back office efficiencies by minimizing human interaction between suppliers and Tour Operators.

Delivering added value to an individual customer experience.

TDN: Are you considering new key appointments to strengthen BTS management team?

M. F.: BlueSky has an extremely strong and experienced management team in place.

As part of our ongoing growth plan we are constantly reviewing the structure and personnel at BlueSky to ensure we are executing on and exceeding our strategic goals.

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