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Banco do Brasil Foundation and Embraer Institute sign a partnership to integrate Social Technologies into education

Shared investment in the social project of Embraer Schools covers the service of about 570 high school students.

SAO JOSE DOS CAMPOS – The Banco do Brasil Foundation and the Embraer Institute announced an unprecedented partnership to enhance the social transformation of vulnerable families in the regions of São José dos Campos and Botucatu (SP). The three-year project named “Quality Education Integrated with Social Technologies” seeks to connect education to sustainable initiatives, promoting pedagogical innovation through the reapplication of Social Technologies.

Social Technologies are re-applicable techniques or methodologies developed in interacting with communities, representing effective contributions to social transformation. The projects will be developed with high school students from Embraer Schools and shared with public schools or applied in the communities, such as the social technologies “Sunlight Poles” and “Use of Solar Energy for Wax Processing in Beekeeping,” already supported by the Banco do Brasil Foundation in other regions.

Elisângela Zilli, president of the BB Foundation, highlights the institution’s performance as a certifier of more than 600 Social Technologies, bringing innovative solutions to socio-environmental challenges: “We connect Social Technologies (ST) to our programs of Education for the Future, Environment and Income, Health and Well-being, Volunteering and Humanitarian Aid. With the support of partners and social investors, such as the Embraer Institute, we have expanded our operations and reinforced our role as the Social Technology Foundation, valuing lives and transforming realities in all regions of Brazil.”

“We want to transform people’s lives in vulnerable situations through education integrated with social technologies. This initiative has the potential to positively impact communities and contribute to the sustainable development of our country. Together, the Banco do Brasil Foundation and the Embraer Institute are investing in this new generation to build a more prosperous and just future for all,” reinforces José Ricardo Sasseron, Vice President of Government and Corporate Sustainability at Banco do Brasil.

The Embraer Institute has a history marked by the generation of opportunities for social transformation and has become one of the references for private social investment in Brazil. Among the outstanding projects are the Embraer High Schools (with units in São José dos Campos and Botucatu), which have already graduated more than 4,700 students in two decades. The partnership with the Banco do Brasil Foundation further strengthens the concepts related to sustainability, technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and income generation.

“Embraer Colleges have been recognized for excellence in teaching, with high approval rates in the best universities in the country and the world, for over two decades. But this is a social project that transcends high school’s compulsory subjects and pedagogical objectives. We seek to generate a positive impact on society, and the partnership with the Banco do Brasil Foundation will allow us to expand our reach and sustainability, fostering Social Technologies,” said André Richard, Director of the Embraer Institute.

“It is an immense pride to have the Banco do Brasil Foundation as a partner in our ecosystem of generation and dissemination of knowledge. Education was the basis of Embraer’s creation and will continue to be our main purpose to promote quality education and reduce social inequalities,” said Andreza Alberto, Vice President of People, ESG, and Corporate Communication at Embraer.

The pedagogical project of the Embraer Colleges is based on the interactionism partner, with classes of basic and advanced general training, formative itineraries, and life projects, contributing to the integral formation of the student. It annually serves 720 young people in the three years of high school, of which 80% receive scholarships utterly free of charge. Since 2018, it has also included 20% of paying students, promoting greater social integration from the diversification of the public served.

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