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Ground transportation records its lengthiest journey of 2023

The highlight of the year was the longest journey offered by the service, a remarkable trip from France to Lithuania. The passenger was driven in a 2016 Mercedes-Benz V-Class Long, covering an impressive distance of 2423 kilometres.

The year 2023 witnessed another post-pandemic growth in the travel industry and, consequently, its closely linked sectors., an international marketplace that offers all travellers affordable, reassuringly predictable hospitality from a wide choice of willing local drivers, has provided its customers with a multitude of transfers to various corners of the world. While a substantial portion of the journeys occurred within countries, such as routes from airports to hotels and vice versa, there has also been a notable interest in international trips among the marketplace users.

“We pay significant attention to the needs of our customers and strive to provide the best transfer options through our marketplace. By using, passengers anywhere in the world can select a transfer that meets their expectations, including for a hospitable, comfortable, affordable transfer for long-distance international travel,” commented Alexander Sapov, Co-founder and CEO of

In 2023, the leading international transfer marketplace began to develop as a hospitality brand that goes beyond mere transportation or dispatching passengers; it welcomes guests and takes care of them. At, the primary focus is on cultivating personal relationships – a commitment to the comforting human-to-human connection for a brief yet important moment.