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Coral International reveals new hotel concept

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas revealed the creation of Ecos Hotels – UAE’s first economically sensible and…

Under the patronage of H.E. Sheikh Mohammed bin Faisal Al Qassimi, Coral International Hotels, Resorts & Spas revealed the creation of Ecos Hotels – UAE’s first economically sensible and environmentally responsible chain of hotels targeted at cost-conscious travellers.

Ralph Noblet, Director, Ecos Hotels, said There’s an urgent need to address the soaring demand for budget hotels in not just the UAE but the entire Middle East and we are proud to announce the creation of Ecos Hotels – an innovative venture which for the first time in the region combines sound economic reasoning with ethical ecological practices. Basically, Ecos Hotels is designed for the new world.

He added, You have got to be aware of what your customers want and the way the market is moving. At the moment in the hospitality sector, the pyramid is very much upside down. Contrary to the market requirement there are too many luxury / 5-star hotels which leaves a huge gap in the budget segment. With Ecos we are looking to fulfill this need for reasonable accommodations.

Ecos Hotels is being developed to be an efficient 2-star brand offering best value for money. Ralph added, With Ecos, we wish to provide a new perspective in hotels focusing on creativity, originality and simplicity. Though a no-frills brand, it will offer clients the ultimate in value. When you think budget you often tend to imagine something boring and basic. Ecos is definitely not that. It will be futuristic, trendy (with emphasis on minimalism), artistic and technologically superior while being ecologically responsible.

Ecos aims to operate hotels all over the world with initial focus on the Middle East. The first hotel under the brand will be located in the UAE. The size of the hotels could vary from 100 rooms to 200 rooms. Each property will have identical rooms with 24-hour check-in facility.

Ecos is all that one could possibly require for a comfortable stay without having to shell out a hefty amount. It’s safe, clean, comfortable, consistent and efficient. What more can one ask for? said Ralph.

Outlining some of the ecological features of Ecos, Ralph said A big ecological conscience is really what makes Ecos distinctive. As part of this philosophy we are going to incorporate some basic, standard practices which can make a huge difference such as: lights would automatically turn off when a guest removes his/her keycard and leaves the room; the housekeepers’ carts would have recycling bins; the furniture would come from sustainable forests; the carpets would release fewer volatile organic compounds than is the norm; and would be cleaned with citrus-based liquids; energy efficient light bulbs will be used everywhere, to name a few. In addition, we are working with committed international environment conservation groups that are helping us define strict guidelines to reduce waste and water use.

Ecos would have an unconventional approach to marketing and advertising. It will be unveiled gradually in our campaigns and collaterals and is definitely out of the ordinary, Ralph concluded.

Plans are underway to unveil the first couple of projects under the group during the Arabian Travel Market 2007.

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