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Online booking – not just for students anymore

The anti-luxury marketplace opens its doors to all.

GLENDALE, CALIF. –, the ‘Anti-Luxury Marketplace’ vacation rental site tears down the walls, opening its doors to all.

The once exclusive “student only” startup, offering hammocks to houses for short-term stays, has made the announcement that it will be opening its site to all users, not just college students. “We really got slammed with emails from baby boomers and the like, asking us to open it up. We gave it a lot of thought, and as a communal based company, it seemed uncool to exclude anyone from having an interesting travel experience, so here we are,” stated Michael Bolger, Co-Founder and CEO. however, will remain loyal to its student base who were so instrumental in developing the concept in the first place by keeping booking fees to a bare minimum for those with an .edu email address. “Students still need a break when it comes to travel,” Bolger went on to say, “and we started this site with them in mind.”

In addition to the site being available to anyone looking to book a hut in Hawaii, is opening offices in London with plans to concentrate on both the European and Asian markets. “We didn’t expect to have to cross this bridge so early, especially since we’ve only been live for three months, but given our momentum, it seems like the right thing to do” Bolger concluded.

Following their introductory offer of 1% on both sides for bookings until February 1, 2015, will return to its 3% booking fees and 3% merchant services for those bookings after that date.

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