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ProfitSword launches enhanced support and best practices assistance to guide hoteliers with effective business intelligence

Hospitality’s provider of business intelligence technology to bolster data management, reporting and advisory support services for customers to maximize financial stability and effective business planning abilities during coronavirus pandemic.

ORLANDO, FLA. – ProfitSword, hospitality's premier developer of business intelligence and data integration software, has announced the launch of a range of enhanced support services for customers in order to provide them with the analytical insight and industry expert guidance needed to make the best strategic decisions possible for their business during the current market crisis. From offering extended support hours and best practice guidance to assisting with daily activities such as data updating or removal as well as enhancing future performance trend reporting abilities, ProfitSword has set itself the task of doing all that it can to ensure that its customers are able to navigate their business with intelligence-backed strategies that preserve financial stability and operational efficiency.

Beginning with the extension of support hours that now begin at 5am during weekdays, ProfitSword technicians are monitoring and troubleshooting automated data gathering services to ensure that the flow of data is uninterrupted and that decision making tools are running smoothly. As companies face the challenge of attempting to run their operations with a reduced labor force, ProfitSword is further making its technicians available to assist with routine day-to-day tasks such as data validation and data management as well as monitoring the data flow of a company's performance information, allowing customers to better focus on the other immediate needs of their businesses and employees.     

Because ProfitSword's systems have always been web-based and available on any device at any time, customers were able to easily make a switch to working remotely with little interruption to their data management and reporting processes and tools. With many companies facing unprecedented uncertainty in being able to determine where the market is leading their business, ProfitSword has also enhanced its automated reporting abilities to include valuable metrics on segmented revenue demographics, providing customers with an even greater understanding of future trends and how to best respond even while working remotely.

"With the current market having never faced a threat of this magnitude before, it is vital that we all come together to provide as much assistance as possible in order to overcome this time of uncertainty and reemerge as a stronger and more prosperous industry," says Maureen Allen, President at ProfitSword. "Understanding business performance and projections has always been a vital part of ensuring a successful business, yet now it has become especially critical in being able to survive times of hardship and as a result, ProfitSword is striving to do its part in making sure that any business has the resources, tools, and guidance needed to identify the best strategies and responses moving forward."

In addition to providing enhanced support and data reporting services, ProfitSword is further working to consult with industry professionals to provide and share  best practices for managing data in today's environment. ProfitSword's customers receive a newsletter twice a week offering expert tips on how to best manage business intelligence systems in light of the current market situation, along with any updates on platform upgrades or services that have been made to further assist a business during the crisis. ProfitSword representatives are on hand to provide any company with guidance on how to successfully create "what if" scenarios to help them navigate the constant changes in their business and how to identify the best strategy that leads to maximum financial stability while still addressing ongoing and future business needs.